Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #437

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Bryan Thiessen (E-Mail)


On a short study-break, Peter Parker, hero to dozens, happens across an attempted mugging.

Story 'I, Monster!'

Breaking the fracas up quickly, he doesn't realize that he is rescuing Synch, a member of Generation X. As Spidey swings away, Synch is ambushed by a floric agent of the evil Plantman, which sprays the young mutant with a mutagenic pollen that transforms Synch into a Hulk-like brute. Spidey appears in time to tussle with the rampaging Synch before Plantman pulls Synch down beneath the ground.

There, Spider-Man is sprayed with the same mutagenic pollen, and transforms to a hideous creature much like the Man-Spider seen in the second season of the Fox cartoon. Spidey and Synch team-up to battle Plantman's minions, and win the antidote by mutating him, thus necessitating his use of the antidote himself.

General Comments

This was a fun one-issue story, featuring a guest mutant. I was a little concerned when last issue's teaser box mentioned a metamorphosis into a giant spider, and expected a total transformation of mind and body, as seen in the cartoon. Fortunately, Titanic Tom avoided that trap, and featured Spidey and Synch thinking their way through their predicament.

Rafael Kayanan has a very nice style. He puts a lot of detail into his work, especially faces, which seems to clutter up some of the smaller panels, but adds to the realism of the larger pictures. His rendering of the twisted, mishapen half-Spidey was appropriately gruesome and surreal.

But where's Kaine?!

Overall Rating

3.5 webs

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Bryan Thiessen (E-Mail)