Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #301

 Posted: 2006


After Peter defeats Venom (last issue), he goes back to his original red and blue uniform to avoid causing further trauma to MJ.

Story 'The Sable Gauntlet!'

Due to some recent blemishes on their mercenary record, combined with the responsibility of being the cornerstone of the Symkarian economy, Silver Sable has accepted the "degrading" job of testing the high tech security system for the Pruett Building. The owner, Jason Pruett, has hired Frank Cruz to design the security system in question. Cruz isn't satisfied with the Wild Pack's test; he wants Silver to test it. He feels it will be a true test of his system with someone of Silver's reputation. Pruett agrees and offers a very large bonus for her participation. She begrudgingly accepts their offer, if only to help her country.

Peter and Mary Jane are settling into their Bedford Towers condo when they have to leave for work. MJ has a photo cover to shoot and Peter to register for a photography class as E.S.U. He stops by the Symkarian Embassy on his way to ask Sliver why she sent her Wild Pack after him recently. Her answer of "Someone hired me to do it. Nothing personal" doesn't sit well with him. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Pruett and Cruz to finalize their contract from earlier that morning. Spider-Man gets a weird feeling from them but is too mad at Silver to warn her.

After their meeting, they arrive at the Pruett Building. Pruett goes over the test with Silver. The building has been cleared. She is to make her way to the top of the building, avoiding the security measures, and press the signal button in the security room to indicate she's completed the test.

Later after finding out the photography class was full, Peter wants to satisfy his curiosity about Sable's clients. He finds Pruett to be legit but Cruz is a mystery. After some searching through Cruz's apartment, he finds that Frank Cruz is actually Franz Kraus, the son of a deceased Nazi war criminal Sable and her Wild Pack sent to prison years ago. Spider-Man also discovers Kraus' plan for Silver: he's altered the defense systems to use lethal responses during Silver's test.

He makes his way into the Pruett building and eventually convinces Silver of Kraus' plans to kill her, despite her insistence that hes trying to cause her to fail as payback. When her squad has deactivated the explosives Kraus had prepared for her, Pruett assures her he had no knowledge of this and that she will receive her fee. He also commissions her to capture Kraus. Spider-Man is not asked to assist in any way.

When Peter returns home, he finds Martin Jacoby talking to Mary Jane. Mr. Jacoby is a representative for On-Line Research in Emporia, Kansas. On the recommendation of Curt Connors, has come to offer Peter a job as chief assistant in their experimental division.

General Comments

Spider-Man is not known for fighting Nazis, this is more of a Captain America thing, so this seems like an odd choice. The inclusion of Silver Sable ties it all together nicely, making an enjoyable read. Michelinie and McFarlane have been doing very well in the pacing department as of late.

Overall Rating

Very strong story with great pacing and cool artwork


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 Posted: 2006