Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #250

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch

Story 'Confessions!'

Unable to get anyone at the meeting besides Harry and Jameson to give him information on the Hobgoblin's blackmail plans, and with his spider sense still on the blink, Peter is forced to rely on other methods to find the Hobgoblin. He digs out a device he made in high school to track his spider-tracer.

The Hobgoblin has long since discovered the tracer, and has been examining it intensely. "Remarkable! The design work on this is brilliant! If Spider-Man made it himself, he must be nearly as gifted as Norman Osborn was!"

Spider-Man, hiding in the shadows, takes offense. "Make that 'more' gifted, bright-eyes!"

"You're mad!" declares the Hobgoblin as they circle each other. "You haven't a chance without your spider-sense!"

"Sorry, paleface! You're only half right! Mad I am!" Spider-Man connects; the Hobgoblin goes flying across the room. "Real mad!!"

Snatching up a ray weapon, the Hobgoblin tries to shoot. The weapon overloads and explodes when Spider-Man webs up the barrel. The Hobgoblin slumps to the floor. Standing over him, Spider-Man says, "Okay, Hobby, it's all over! Time to take off your big, bad mask and--GUUUMPH!"

"I think not!" the Hobgoblin says coolly, backhanding Spider-Man away from him. "So you thought you could defeat me without your spider-sense, eh? If that sucker punch didn't convince you otherwise;" he pulls a lever; "then this will!"

A randomly tracking ray cannon begins firing. It is all Spider-Man can do to stay out of the way of the blasts. Too late, the Hobgoblin realizes that the Osborn journals are in danger. "The cannon's set them afire...and I hadn't made any copies yet! Blast you!" He throws a pumpkin bomb at the cannon, trying to stop it. "Blast you!!"

"Hey, don't throw that--!"

Watching from his window in the Daily Bugle, Jameson orders a reporter sent to the warehouse district to cover a rapidly spreading fire. He also sends a copyboy with a new front page.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch