Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #35

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


Tyler Stone is shot and left for dead! Dana's tied up! Spidey's offered a job under President Doom! Miguel offered Tyler's job at Alchemax! Lots of excalmation points to go around in Spider-Man 2099 #35!

Story 'Blood from a Stone'

Dana managed to get free, discovering her new sweetie, Tyler, being carried out on a hover-stretcher. Spidey swings through the air in New York and runs into some Flyboy cops. Strangely, they're respectful of him, but warn him that he better accept Doom's offer...or else.

The police question Dana about her whereabouts during the shooting. The questions start to turn into accusations until President Doom enters the room. He trusts Dana, and the officer withdraws. Doom tells Dana that Tyler has been sent to New York for medical care. She hugs the armored man oblivious to the awkward moment she's created.

Meanwhile, Downtown, the man formerly known as Bloodsword, and formerly known as Bloodhammer talks with another Fenris gang member about the reports of Tyler's assassination attempt. Now calling himself Bloodmace, he boasts that he shall lead the Fenris into an attack against the leaderless Alchemax. From the sewer, an inky black substance oozes up. It takes a sold form. It asks for details of the attack on Stone. Bloodmace swings his mace, but the being halts the attack, engulfing him in a burning ebony shroud, leaving nothing but a skeleton (Bloodskeleton?) behind.

When Miguel arrives back home in the Babylon Towers, he is greeted by Lyla and 93 messages. Discarding the messages, he calls Xina (still driving home) to tell her what's going on since he was abducted out of her car last issue. Lyla attempts humor by putting a Miguel's head on her body on the holograph in Xina's car. The call is interrupted by President Doom at Miguel's door. Lyla attempts more unwelcome humor, as Doom demands an answer considering the urgency of Tyler's condition.

Back in Crystal City, Virginia, Conchata drops off a gun into the metal recycling dumpster. The evidence is crunched.

Back in Downtown, Gabe tried to get Kasey to open her apartment door to talk. She does, but does not want to see him. She feels deceived that he never stopped her from believing he's Spider-Man. Gabe tries to defend himself, but instead walks away telling her she's made a big mistake.

At the hospital holding Tyler, the black goo arrives via the bathroom sink. Miguel and Dana pace silently. The silence is broken by an argument between Dana and Miguel over Tyler. Miguel is shocked that Dana wants to move in with Tyler - but he can't tell her that Tyler is really his father. Suddenly, the black slime arrives in a body as Venom 2099. Venom wants Tyler dead. Miguel tries to punch Venom, but his hand is burnt. Miguel runs off, leaving Dana to get slashed by the monster. As Venom attempts to kill Tyler (with a mace-like hand, he perhaps picked up from Bloodmace?) Spidey arrives back in the hospital ward. Venom recognizes Spider-Man from his early days when he was attached to another, and there was another man beneath the Spider-Man costume. Venom charges ready to even the score with his old enemy Spider-Man.

The next two pages contain behind-the-scenes at 2099 with early sketches of Venom 2099.

General Comments

Finally a cool new villain! 35 issues and I really didn't believe any of Spidey 2099's rogues gallery really stood out from the crowd as exceptional. Sure Venom isn't original, but at least there's some richness to mine here. This version of Venom has connections to the Spider-Man of the Age of Heroes, as he appears to be the same symbiote. He also has obvious ties to Miguel and Tyler, bridging the gap between the two Spideys. Guessing who's behind the tongue wasn't too hard to imagine, considering the flashback Young Miguel stories preceeding this issue.

Overall Rating

Doom's offers are shaking up the status quo. I didn't believe Doom, the president, thought it important enough to visit Miguel in person at his apartment in New York when he was just in D.C.. Venom is a plus. Artwork was fine. The new Venom's design is ok - interesting that his tongue has the little teeth at the end like Hulk 2099. I would've preferred Leonardi's art to continue inside and not just grace the cover.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)