Spider-Man 2099 #34 (Story 2)


The story of Young Miguel continues in the back pages of Spider-Man 2099.

Story 'Young Miguel O'Hara in "Bullies"'

Miguel and Xina eavesdrop while Tyler and Angela meet to discuss Krons fate. Miguel is skeptical that Angela will be able to expel Kron. Tyler demands that his son remains, as its the best environment found for him thus far. Angela insists her school is not a reformatory, and that the executive board have expelled Kron. A call comes in to Angela from Mr. Herod, Tylers father-in-law. Tyler storms out threatening that Angela has made a fatal error.

Overall Rating

The Young Miguel story was only 3 pages long, and had an efficient beginning, middle, and end along with fine artwork. Probably the best of these little segments so far, though it still only rates an "adequate" 3 webs.