Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #33 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


It's party time for Miguel and Gabriel with the lovely ladies Kasey and Xina down in Mexico City for the Day of the Dead Festival. And who better to bring to a party but a legion of the walking dead, accidentally wakened by a dope trying to revive his dead sister. Silly man...didn't your mommy tell you not to wake your sister when she's sleeping?

Story 'Strange Whine'

Strange and Spidey confront Morgez by shouting, "All right, Morgez!" Not sure how they figured his name out. I would've shouted,"HEY YOU! Stop animating the dead!" We'll assume that Strange's powers revealed to her the name of the neophyte necromancer. Morgez, sits disappointed at his sister's non-animated skeleton. He shows Strange the amulet that was apparently low on batteries when it came to his sister. But when Strange touches it, she gets a nasty case of demon possession, and sprouts some fangs.

Meanwhile, in the streets below, Gabe and the ladies feel bad for ditching Mig at the hospital, but know it's for the best. The living dead walk almost unnotices throughout the Day of the Dead festival like they're wearing just another spooky costume.

Spidey and the demonized Strange trade punches, while Morgez tries to run away. He's stopped by his landlords, and Strange. At the same time, Gabe shoots some breath spray into the mouth of one of the undead. It attacks him, and Kasey tries to help...ripping off it's arm. The reality of the situation is starting to dawn on them.

Strange apparently has a green-skinned mentor, watching the events from a crystal ball. He or she intervenes, and suppresses Strange's "demon side" - apparently a chronic issue. Kasey wants Gabe to do something heroic (like change into Spider-Man), while he looks on helplessly.

The skeletal body of Morgez's sister, 'Nita, awakens. Before Strange can act, Spidey has an idea and stops her.

Morgez sits in the streets and remembers how this all began. While 'Nando Morgez and his brother Esty checked out his dad's gun, his sister had sneaked up upon them, and was accidentally shot and killed.

Kasey meanwhile is rescued by Spidey. Strange uses a hypnotic suggestion and a ventriloquism spell to convince Morgez to let go. He gave the amulet to his sister's corpse, who bursts into flames. 'Nando joins her, killing himself. The rest of the undead returned to their graves. Strange feels badly for being unable to prevent his suicide, and crushes the amulet. Spidey wants to go home to the U.S. for some normalcy.

Meanwhile, the flag of Doom rides above the White House!

General Comments

A fair conclusion to the story. Wildman and Baskerville do a fine job with the art chores. The breathspray was a nice funny. The new Strange never really took off in the 2099 universe. She has personality, perhaps a bit casual for a master of the mystic arts - but I guess that's the point. Overall, I have little complaint, except where the story of Spidey 2099 is heading. Is Miguel really into being Spider-Man? Why does he do it? I'm not really conviced of his motivation. He's been shown to be both selfish and a coward. I would think he would need some strong encouraging to do what he does.

Overall Rating

Overall, a decent issue. Three webs.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)