Spider-Man 2099 #28 (Story 2)


The story of Young Miguel continues in the back pages of Spider-Man 2099.

Story 'Young Miguel O'Hara in "Final Battle"'

Miguel hears a cry for help from the girl's locker room. Kron is within armed with a knife, pulling Xina's towel off of her. Miguel tackles Kron from behind, wrapping the towel over his face. While the two duel, Xina manages to throw on a shirt and try to help. Kron knocks Xina down, while Miguel lobs softballs at him. Miguel spills all the balls on the floor, tripping Kron - but hits a dead end in the shower room. To be continued.

General Comments

It seems odd that the brilliant Miguel doesn't take the situation very seriously. It also seems odd that Kron appears to attempt murder and rape - while the tone of the story is rather goofy - and even turns cartoonish for a panel on page 30. Disturbing.

Overall Rating

We can live just fine without this Young Miguel stuff! One web.