Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #18

 Posted: 2002
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


Gabe and Dana think Miguel has been killed by Thor. Miguel has rescued his mother, and escapee from the Wellvale home, from a gathering Downtown with Bloodsword. Meanwhile, Lyla has been acting peculiar...

Story 'Blown Circuits'

Gabe and Dana stand agape at the return of Miguel to the land of the living accompanied by mother Conchata. Mig makes up an excuse that he survived somehow saved by Spider-Man and the Punisher. Gabe shoots a suspicious comment to Mig that he was "lucky he had the power of Spider-Man", and warns him of Lyla's obsession over feeding crullers. Gabe exits with his mother.

Back at Alchemax, Winston reports to Stone about the impact of the Aesir. Acting strange after being hooked into the world-net for a half-hour, Winston suddenly attacks Stone.

Miguel interrogates Lyla regarding her odd behavior. When he demands she put herself offline, she reacts as if offended. When threatened with a complete wipe, Lyla reluctantly shuts down. Miguel and Dana have some catching up to do, and retire to the bedroom. Lyla reappears and looks upset.

Stone and Alchemax security struggle to remove Winston's grip from Stone's throat. Stone slaps an override disk into Winston's ear and shuts him down. The less-than competent security team take Winston down to Diagnostics.

Over at Gabe's apartment, Kasey breaks up with him on the phone, claiming his insecurity is driving her crazy. Gabe accuses her that her infatuation with Spider-Man is the reason. She denies it, but admits it to herself once she hangs up the phone. Depressed, Gabe goes to his room alone, and breaks out his old addiction, connecting to the Cybernet machine where he calls himself "Firelight".

At Mig's place, Dana takes a shower after the two of them had a *ahem* nap. Miguel is concerned for Gabe, worried that he had a look like he did when he was addicted to the Cybernet 3 years earlier. Suddenly, the shower turns scalding hot, and the door locks. Lyla sends security droids into the apartment, overriding Miguel's voice commands. Miguel shreds the machines with his talons, working his way to save Dana. By the time he breaks down the door to the bathroom, Dana is passed out. Lyla says she did it because "you always hurt the ones you love."

Gabe as "Firelight" is having a great time in the virtual world flying in a hovercar with a lady by his side. A voice tells him that his presence here is not welcome, and Gabe crashes his car into the side of a building.

Bonus: Peter David - Writer Chris Batista - Penciler Ralph Cabrera - Inker Joey Cavalieri - Editor Tom DeFalco - Editor in Chief

Young Miguel O'Hara in "School Daze"

Young Miguel was preparing to be sent away to boarding school by his mom and dad Conchata and George and little brother, Gabriel. George tells Miguel that when he returns home to visit, he'll see they have a new apartment, paid for by Alchemax. Tyler Stone picks up Miguel personally. Tyler says hello to Conchata, making it clear that they know each other, and that Conchata is not crazy about letting her son go off with him.

On the drive to the school, Miguel gives Stone attitude. Stone retorts that Miguels actions at the school could result in his father losing the perks he'll be getting, and asks Miguel to consider how his father might relay that loss upon the rest of the family.

They arrive at the mansion and meet the head mistress, Angel Daskalakis. It appears the X-Men mansion has been renamed the "Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters". Tyler informs Miguel that he'll be keeping an eye out for him. Miguel quips back that he's not afraid, as he's soaked by water from up above, probably one of his new peers.

General Comments

Unfortunately, this was a predictable culmination in the Lyla subplot. An average story. The Young Miguel chronicles begin here, and was interesting to flesh out Miguel's background. Ultimately, the stories lasted longer than necessary, and could have been better spent on the main plot.

Overall Rating

So-so. I don't really see the big danger in Gabe's addiction. What happened to him last time that made this such a problem? Did he become gaunt and a total hermit?

 Posted: 2002
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)