Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #15

 Posted: 2002
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)

Story 'The Rise of the Hammer'

Alchemax creep Jordan Boone gloats in an e-mail to friend Henri about the dirt he's discovered about the Valhalla project. Suddenly, he's busted by guards and dragged away.

Meanwhile in Downtown, Spidey plows through the Fenris gangs while the townspeople cheer on. Apparently one of their worst, a barbarian named Bloodsword, attacks. Spidey clasps his sword in both hands, slicing the metal to pieces with his talons. Spider-Man knocks him out cold, and takes off before the crowd expects him to perform miracles.

Gabe is also Downtown with his girlfriend Kasey. While Kasey and her gang plan how to utilize thier alliance with Spider-Man, Gabe storms out feeling upstaged by Spidey. But does he know who's behind the mask???

At Alchemax, Tyler consoles Dana about Miguel's disappearance when Mig makes a timely return. Miguel questions Lyla why she hadn't informed him correctly about Dana's calls. Lyla says she'll self-diagnose, while Tyler recommends they visit the new Floating City. When Miguel accuses Tyler of making opportunites for Boone, Tyler informs him that Jordan was fired.

Miguel's mom, Conchata, has a cup of coffee at the Wellvale home. The waiter, her informant named Tux, gives her the news from Downtown of Spider-Man's activites. She seems pleased, but implies that Downtown may offer her redemption for the wicked things she's done in her life.

Miguel and Dana are taken to Valhalla, the floating city, by skycar. The impressive structure features a "rainbow bridge" (nicknamed Bifrost after the real rainbow bridge to Asgard) which allows maglev cars to float over to the city - producing a rainbow colored effect. They arrive just in time for the countdown to a complete powering up of the city. Miguel spots someone high above with his enhanced sight, but his warnings are drowned o ut by the crowds. There's an explosion as the city starts to move. As the masses panic and flee, from above descends two men calling themselves Thor and Heimdall, come to bring the world into a proper Golden Age - and woe to the false harbingers of Thor!

General Comments

Leonardi's back, and with him comes some excellent layouts and designs. The floating city 2-page spread was gorgeous - kudos to Williamson's inks differentiating the sharp lines of the city and the waves below. Also Buccellato's colors on the structure and throughout the book bring the story to life. A refreshing issue, with some nice dialogue by David. The subplots are running strong - does Gabe know Miguel's secret? Does Tyler? What's going on in Conchata's head? What's Jordan Boone up to? The explosive ending had me wanted more - is this really the Thor everyone's been waiting for? Sure looks like it could be him. Have to wait till next issue.

Overall Rating

4 webs! Great mix of action, drama, and sarcastic one- liners from Miguel.

 Posted: 2002
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)