Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #9

 Posted: 2001
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


After recovering from life threatening injuries, Spider-Man outsmarted and defeated Vulture in his home turf of Downtown.

Story 'Home Again, Home Again'

  Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #9
Summary: Everybody Wants to be Spider-Man 2099
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Kelley Jones
Inker: Mark McKenna

At the Welvale Home, Conchata, mother of Miguel and Gabriel, silently works on a puzzle while her doctor tries to restart a therapy session. Suddenly, she screams aloud. The doctor calls for medics.

Spider-Man finally arrives back Uptown again, only to be nearly run over by a Maglev car! Puglisi, a Public Eye Flyboy, spots Spidey and attempts an arrest. With a web to the mouth, and a punch in the face, Spidey assumes Puglisi's identity and heads home.

Back in Downtown, Casey criticizes her boyfriend, Gabe, for interfering in her fight against the Freakers. Casey praises Spider-Man for his bravery and selflessness (while ironically knocking Miguel for being an arrogant snot who only cared about himself). Gabe makes some strange comments hinting that perhaps he knows his brother's secret.

Miguel heads home riding Puglisi's old model flier, a "Belcher". Soon, other Flyboys join him on the hunt for Spider-Man. Miguel thinks he's caught, but the other Flyboys think he's really Puglisi, leading the way to the mall where Spider-Man has been sighted.

Meanwhile, Angela Daskalakis drives Rico Estevez to an Indy Town, Nightshade, outside of New York. There, she works for a corporation that has been free from interest by Alchemax. But soon, when news spreads of their major technological breakthroughs, she fears Alchemax will make a hostile takeover. She's looking for Estevez to help defend her corporation. Estevez accepts.

Miguel and the Flyboys see "Spider-Man" at the mall. One of the Flyboys fires at him, and the imposter falls off an elevated walkway. At the same time, a dozen people dressed as Spider-Man flee from the mall. One is caught (using micro-suction fingertips), claiming he's spreading the word of Spider-Man. Miguel catches the falling Spider-Man with a web. The disciple thinks he created the webbing! Miguel yells at him to go home and never wear the costume again, but he blathers on about being a "true believer" worshipping Spider-Man with the Spiderite movement. Miguel accidentally pops a talon through his glove. The disciple recognizes him as Spider-Man, master of disguise. Miguel tells him to go home an "be you."

Finally, Miguel returns home and banters with Lyla about what it would take for her not to recognize him. Lyla jokes with him while he heals his bruises and takes a bath. Gabe, in his own apartment, rants with jealousy about how Casey loves Spider- Man. He checks his messages and hears something making his day even worse.

Back in the bath, Dana visits Miguel. Miguel explains his mysterious whereabouts saying he's been working on a way to shake the effects of the Rapture drug. He claims that he's been evasive with her since he's been dealing with shady individuals. But, he tells her he's been successful in beating the addiction. Dana kisses him and falls into the tub. Then, Gabriel walks in on them with the news that their mother has collapsed and wants to see the two of them.

General Comments

This was a lighter story compared to the past few issues watching Spider-Man getting beaten up. Some genuinely funny moments here, and a welcome break to get Miguel established back home. I'm used to seeing Kelley Jones' art associated with darker stories like Batman, and thought perhaps his art would have been more suitable during the Downtown tale. His Spider- Man is a bit beefy, but my dislikes were made up by his detailed and skillful layouts mixed with fantastic inks by McKenna.

This issue introduces the series with a terrific character, Conchata. Aunt May she is not! The best of Conchata is yet to come in later issues.

Overall Rating

Very enjoyable overall. A well timed transitional story. I'm partial to Leonardi, but Kelley was a fine guest.

 Posted: 2001
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)