Spider-Girl (Vol. 1) #79

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Wildman (E-Mail)


Spider-Girl has defeated Lady Octopus and captured the Black Tarantula, but there is no rest for the weary web-stunner. Elan DeJunae has kidnapped Normie Osborn, and the Order of the Goblin is determined to see that he embraces the Osborn legacy. Can Spider-Girl stop her nefarious plan in time?

Story 'When Destiny Calls!'

Hidden somewhere in her secret headquarters, Elan DeJunae is preparing the goblin formula that will transform Normie Osborn into the Green Goblin. Normie is staunch in his belief that Spider-Girl will rescue her, but at the moment she is too busy feeding her younger brother. Exhausted from her ordeal with the Black Tarantula and Lady Octopus, May is determined to get back to her regular life. Unfortunately, her superheroics have taken their toll, and her latest science test has come back with a "D". Talking to Courtney cheers her up a little, although her mood sours when she mentions Brad. May laments that she can't find a normal, decent guy. Just then Chris Jarkoer arrives and offers his help in bringing up her science grade. May declines, but invites him to the coffee shop with her and Courtney after school. A clearly-thrilled Chris accepts.

Before she can meet the gang, however, May has business with the Black Tarantula. To that end, she dons her new/old costume and swings across town to the amusement park that houses Special Agent Weadon's super-team. A very reluctant Weadon agrees to let Spider-Girl speak with the Tarantula via a video link. May asks why he surrendered, and BT reiterates that he did not want to harm her. "I shall eventually be free and destiny will reunite us."

As Spider-Girl leaves, Raptor walks out with her to ask if she's heard from Normie. May tells her about Elan and Raptor refuses to accept that. Just then, Elan calls May's cell phone and tells her that Normie needs her input on a decision.

Spider-Girl arrives at Elan's headquarters to find Normie dangling over a vat of the Goblin formula. Elan, now fully decked out in Goblin attire ("although the ears are a bit much," says May) describes the Order of the Goblin as an organization dedicated to the concept of rule through a league of benevolent businessmen. As she prattles, Raptor attempts a sneak attack and Elan knocks her into next week. Knowing that she no longer has a choice, Spider-Girl attacks Elan and promptly gets herself stabbed. Elan then releases Normie, who falls into the vat of Goblin goo.

Elan gloats that Norman Osborn was a visionary and that Spider-Man contributed nothing to the world. Spider-Girl takes offense, and goes back on the attack. She lands a few good punches, knocking Elan through the glass vat and draining the Goblin juice. Rescuing Normie, she pulls up out of the vat before the juice hits the controls and ignites. She pulls Normie and Raptor out of the building and goes back to rescue Elan, who has already vanished.

Back at the amusement park, May gets patched up and learns that the Black Tarantula has escaped custody. He does, however, call her to say goodbye and that they will meet again. Outside the room, Spider-Girl runs into Normie. He suffers no ill effects from the serum and Raptor is also expected to recover, but tells her that he is ready to commit to a relationship with Raptor. May sucks it up and wishes him the best.

Upon her arrival at the Parker house, May runs into Chris Jarkoer, who missed her at the coffee shop. May apologizes, but says that she could still used a decent cup of coffee. The two walk off arm in arm.

General Comments

Well, at least we got that over with.

Like I said last issue, the whole "Goblin legacy" thing has gotten old. The plot device of Normie Osborn dangling over a vat of Goblin formula has been done before ("Legacy of Evil," anyone?) and this "Order of the Goblin" is just laughable. Plus, I found Elan calling Spider-Girl more than a little contrived. Look, if you want to dunk Normie, just do it before you call in someone who could conceivably stop you. Is that really such a hard concept to grasp? Dumb.

However, I will give this issue two positives. First, they wrapped up this Elan/Goblin plotline in short order. Second, I liked the fact that May finally took some time with Chris Jarkoer. Instead of just complaining about how she can't find a decent guy, she went out and found a decent guy. It's a little early to see how this will shake out, but it's high time May found someone who A) isn't a anti-mutant bigot, B) doesn't run around on her or C) heads an international crime cartel.

Those were pretty much the only pluses from this issue. The rest I will do my best to forget.

Overall Rating

I'm in a generous mood, so I'll give this issue two webs.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Wildman (E-Mail)