Slingers #1C



Story 'So Whose Idea Was This Anyway?'

  Slingers #1C
Summary: Alternate Prodigy Cover
Editor: Ruben Diaz
Writer: Joseph Harris
Pencils: Chris Cross
Inker: Rob Stull

Each issue 1 of Slingers told the same story, but at times told the story from a different character's point of view. See Slingers#1A for the full details.

While Johnny and Eddie were on the phone, Prodigy was stalking a panicked man through the streets. He enjoyed the power imbalance, knowing he would find the terrified man anywhere. Finally cornering the man in an alley, he told him that it was unsafe to jaywalk. The guy promised he would never do it again, and Prodigy reminded him that he shouldn't sell drugs to kids, either. The man's shoes were cheap and his breath smelled like fast food, so clearly he wasn't the guy in charge. The jaywalker told him about a Maggia lord trying to climb the ranks at the Fulton Fish Market, where he was soon tossing goons off of a boat. They were all soon found in other fishing nets. Prodigy promised that he would not be weak like the others, weak like Dusk.

When they find the transit worker on the train tracks, Richie changed to Prodigy in an alleyway where kids were throwing dice. He darkly told them that they should be in school and the streets were very unsafe. They quietly agreed. At the scene of the oncoming train accident, Prodigy climbed the speeding train and told the conductor to stop but there was no time. He jumped to the front of the train and slowed it with bare strength but kept notes on his team mates and his lack of satisfaction with them. After the train was stopped, he tore the ceiling away, giving them a way out of the over turned car. He silently jumped away, leaving the dazed conductor to tell him that he couldn't just leave them.

General Comments

Another good set up establishing Prodigy's character. I keep thinking he is Batman but in a gold costume. The disparity between Richie and Johnny is pretty clear. If Ricochet is going to get someone killed because of clowning around, then Prodigy will get someone killed through sheer reckless arrogance. No one likes a team leader that considers everyone else to be weak. Let's see where that goes.

Overall Rating

Looking good.