The Adventures of Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl

 Title: Pronto Comics
 Posted: May 2012


Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl are a pair of young (20something) superheroines, who are being mentored by an older, retired, Silver Age superhero named Professor A.

Story 'Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight!'

  The Adventures of Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl
Summary: Spider-Man Reference (Actor in Costume at Party)
Editor In Chief: Dominic Sparano
Managing Editor: Josh Cabrera
Art Director: Ellen Stedfield
Writer: Robert J. Sodaro
Artist: Roy Cutting
Cover Art: Roy Cutting
Lettering: Mindy Lopkin

Jen & Bel are a pair of Hollywood TV reporters who are reporting on the opening night of a pair of highly-anticipated horror films (Meth & Wolf Girls). The event is such a big deal that all of the Hollywood elite (including Spider-Man; or someone dressed as him) is in attendance. They are working the red carpet when the proceedings are interrupted by Big Flamer (a flaming super villain), who is a failed actor and is upset that he was not chosen to star in one of the films. He tosses a bunch of fireballs at the crowd, melting the cameras, and scattering the audience.

Using the confusion as cover, the girls both slip out of their evening gowns and into their spandex crime-fighting costumes. Once in costume, Totally Hot Girl flies off to engage Big Flamer in the air above the theater. Hot Girl (who is more cautious of the Dynamite Duo — as they are known) attempts to hold her partner back from rashly flying off into battle without a plan. As Totally Hot Girl encounters Big Flamer (who isn’t gay) in the sky, Professor A. gives advice to Hot Girl.

The fight scene shifts back and forth from what we can see and hear at the scene, and a voice-over studio and visuals from the remaining camera on the scene as the event is being broadcast live. An enraged Big Flamer tosses a fireball at Totally Hot Girl, completely torching her costume, and leaving her completely nude (which the TV studio blurs out and censors for its audience). As she flys off, totally embarrassed, Professor A. is on the ground, observing the battle and taking notes (“Note to self; make costumes fireproof.”)

Totally Hot Girl returns to the fray, thoroughly incised at having her costume burned off her body. She is now wrapped in an American flag which she ripped off the flagpole from a nearby building and serves up a vicious beat-down to Big Flamer. Hot Girl then delivers the coup de grace to a now-whimpering Big Flamer who is on the ground, and very hurt. With the fight over, Professor A. questions the girls as to why they weren’t wearing the masks he designed for them, to which Totally Hot Girl responds that they muss up the girl’s makeup.

Professor A. accepts their response and sends them back to their HQ, telling them that he will deal with the cops. As Totally Hot Girl flies of holding Hot girl (who can’t fly) a mother and her young son wander by and glance up, watching them fly off. Unfortunately, they can see directly up the flag Totally Hot Girl has wrapped around herself, causing Professor A. to remark that he definitely has to do something about their costumes.

General Comments

The story is most assuredly not only not to be taken seriously, but supposed to be read with one’s tongue firmly planted in one’s cheek. It is drawn in a cartoony, “good girl” style and the script all bad puns and in-jokes. In fact the girls spend much of the story standing around and posing (quite often in the buff or nearly so). Still, in spite of the near-scandalous there is never any actual nudity as the whenever the girls appear without clothes, their naughty bits are always covered by some other object in the story

The story is light, fun, and quite entertaining (which this reviewer would write about this story, even if he wasn’t also the creator and author of the piece).

Overall Rating

Hey, we just told you that we wrote it, didn’t we?


Jen and Bel are “loosely” based upon a pair of real-life con girls who have worked in a number of capacities for a number of folks in the comicbook industry. Several of the story elements refer to either real-life people and events or fictional comics (e.g.: Meth and Wolf Girls are comic book characters from other series; the reporters back at the studio are also based on real people; Big Flamer’s “real” name is Phillip Beck, who is supposed to be the younger brother of a failed Hollywood special effects man who also became a super villain (Quentin Beck: A.K.A. Mysterio); and at one point Totally Hot Girl paraphrases Jessica Rabbit (from Who killed Roger Rabbit), by saying “I’m not a slut! I’m just drawn that way.”

Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl is and 8-page, full-color comic that is published by Pronto Comics and can be found for sale ($2.50) as a Print-on-Demand comic from IndyPlanet.

A preview of Hot Girl &Totally Hot girl can be found over at Pronto Comics (the comic's publisher).

 Title: Pronto Comics
 Posted: May 2012