Peter Pan Peanut Butter: (4) Spider-Man "The Task And The Terror"


These promo mini-comics are circular about 2 1/8" in diameter. Each has eight double-sided pages. They are glued at the spine rather than stapled. They were released sealed in rectangular plastic bags approximately 2 1/8" by 3 1/4" in size. I'm presuming that they were wrapped with Peter Pan peanut butter products.

Story 'The Task And The Terror'

The Black Cat intervenes in a daring mid-day bank heist. The goons are in some sort of uniform and have high-tech weapons. Peter Parker has just picked up his groceries (most prominent of which is a jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter). As Peter walks past a police car, he hears the radio squawk out the alert.

Maybe I just have lousy hearing, but I have never in my life walked past a police car and heard a crime alert being broadcast. I guess I live in the wrong neighborhood. Anyhow, Peter becomes Spidey, webbing his bag of groceries to his back.

Then it's time for the inevitable battle. The Taskmaster arrives, and explains that this was a training session for his crime school. Black Cat handles the goons while Spidey takes on the main man. Taskmaster throws his shield, cuts open the bag of groceries, and gets beaned by a falling bottle of soda pop. Lights out!

Battle is over, won by the heroes, but Spidey is sad 'cos he lost all his groceries.

General Comments

This story is just plain silly, which makes it better than most of the other promos in this set. It's hardly a grand epic, but at least there's no fundamental problems with the script.

Overall Rating

One of the better stories in the set. Combine that with the sheer sexiness of these circular collectible gems and we've got four webs.