Peter Pan Peanut Butter: (2) Spider-Man "The Scorpion Sanction"


These promo mini-comics are circular about 2 1/8" in diameter. Each has eight double-sided pages. They are glued at the spine rather than stapled. They were released sealed in rectangular plastic bags approximately 2 1/8" by 3 1/4" in size. I'm presuming that they were wrapped with Peter Pan peanut butter products.

Story 'The Scorpion Sanction'

Spider-Man is attending a lecture at ESU, given by Dr. Charles Foster - a noted Psychologist. Spidey is up in the rafters, with Spider-Sense tingling. No explanation is given for why he was there in the first place, but I guess that will be revealed.

Outside, a mysterious figure prepares for action, and attacks... through the wall. It's the Scorpion! Seems that the Doctor analyzed Scorpy for his latest psych book, and the Scorpion wants a cut. Seems reasonable I guess. Though, maybe it would be simpler just to call a lawyer.

Spidey and Scorpy fight. But wait! That mysterious figure wasn't Scorpion, it was Silver Sable. That's the big twist in the tale, the fact that we thought the shadow was Scorpion, but in fact it was Silver Sable and the Scorpion was on the other side of the building.

Sable is here for the bounty on the Scorpion. All fight. Hall starts collapsing, Spidey saves the bystanders while Sable and Scorpion head for the dining hall. This is where we see jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter on the table. Spider-Man returns to wrap up the fight.

Silver Sable complains about the fact that Spidey helped, since somehow that means that she won't get any bounty. What? Spider-Man is going to get the bounty? He never has before. He's not tax-registered, so he can't claim anything.

Spider-Man then advises the psychologist to stick to writing fiction. What? He should give up his career because he was attacked? Does Spidey advise mugging victims to stop walking on the streets? How about some more useful advice like "Don't collaborate with psychotic killers on book writing and then short-change them on the profits".

General Comments

The first promo in this series, Peter Pan Peanut Butter: (1) Spider-Man "The Vulture's Nest" was silly, but this one is heading towards stupid. I know it's just a giveaway advertising promo, but that's no excuse for writing a dumb story. Comics are a powerful medium, and you can do a lot in 20 panels. We deserve better, Mark Bernado.

Overall Rating

As always, these promos are very special. I can't give them a bad rating, but even being cute as heck and totally collectible can't raise this above a barely adequate three webs.