Omega Flight #2

 Title: Omega Flight
 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Jose Gonzalez (E-Mail)


With a large influx of villains swarming Canada after the Registration Act was passed in the U.S., the Canadian government decides to create a new Flight team. The first person they contact is the lone survivor of the original Alpha Flight, Walter Langowski, better known as Sasquatch. As part of a joint operation between C.S.I.S. (Canadian Secret Intelligence Service) and S.H.I.E.L.D., the new Flight team will consist of Sasquatch, USAgent, Arachne, Talisman, and Michael Pointer as the new Guardian. Unfortunately, Talisman has expressed no interest in joining the team and Sasquatch refuses to work with Pointer. Before the team can be properly formed, the Wrecking Crew attack a helpless Canadian city. Sasquatch answers the call on his own, but he's overwhelmed quickly and captured by the Wrecking Crew.

Story 'Alpha to Omega'

  Omega Flight #2
Summary: Spider-Woman/Arachne (Drew) Appears
Arc: Part 2 of 'Alpha to Omega' (1-2-3-4-5)

When the issue opens, Agent Brown informs Talisman of Sasquatch's capture. Feeling guilty for refusing Sasquatch's request for help, Talisman decides to help out in the search for him while declining to join Omega Flight itself. Agent Brown takes her to C.S.I.S. headquarters while she uses a vision to locate Sasquatch. While searching for Sasquatch in whatever spiritual plane she's on, Talisman is confronted by a swarm of unknown monsters. As they overwhelm her a large snow owl picks her up and delivers her to the corpse of a Canadian soldier named Simon Walters. She snaps out of her vision and Agent Brown does a quick check on the name to find that Simon is still quite dead. They head to C.S.I.S. headquarters as a confused Agent Brown decides to stick with more concrete data.

While in their current home, a small log cabin in what looks like northern Ontario, the Wrecking Crew dump Sasquatch into a pit. Thunderball is left to watch over the big guy as the rest of the crew go to pick up some more cash. It's a bit odd that the Wrecking Crew is stealing money when they usually seem to steal anything they need, but that seems to be a question for the vast majority of super-villains. Thunderball doesn't quite seem to be the scientist he usually is, and the toque* is an odd fashion choice. I guess it goes with the yellow pants though.

Meanwhile in Toronto, USAgent crashes through the side of a building while fighting an unnamed woman sporting a large 6-pack. The two fight from building to building with 6-pack telling USAgent to go back to the states, a favourite line of Canadians when folks like Donald Trump or Ashlee Simpson visit. USAgent uses 6-pack as a human pillow as they fall to the street on to a delivery truck. A few kids mistake USAgent for Captain America and he naturally acts like a jerk in response. The distraction lets 6-pack get the upper hand with an uppercut and she then goes for the delivery truck to finish him off. Just as she's about to drop it on him, a psionic web loosens her hand and the truck drops on her head instead. Arachne has arrived to pick up USAgent, its time to start up Omega Flight and serve the red and white.

Thunderball continues to torture a defiantly silent Sasquatch. Brandishing a bloody hook, Thunderball is kind enough to let him know that he won't let him die just yet. Supposedly, the Wrecking Crew still have a use for him outside of a pincushion, or rather a hookcushion. Wrecker arrives with the rest of the team and informs Thunderball it's time to head out to rob a museum. Apparently the Wrecking Crew used the cash they went to steal to buy a couple of kegs. That would bother me more if Wrecker was known for his knowledge of time management. Thunderball grabs Sasquatch as Wrecker tells him they're headed to Toronto.

An unnamed man works in his sketch book while riding on a bus. A large monster that looks like Sasquatch is wrecking a city and he wonders what the snow owl has to do with the image he's just drawn. A few other passengers keep their distance from him as the bus arrives in Toronto. Apparently, my home town is the place to be.

Talisman arrives with Agent Brown at C.S.I.S. headquarters in Ottawa. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel are on a monitor awaiting their arrival to hold a quick meeting. Elizabeth shrugs off Tony's condolences for her father's death and proceeds to lecture him on the events of Civil War. This ties into a loose theme that seems to run through this series, Canadians pissed off at the U.S. After Talisman's rant, Iron Man informs her that some resources have been sent to help out Canada. Arachne introduces herself while her daughter makes the astute observation that Spider-Woman is a way cooler name. Talisman extends her a warm hand while Arachne explains that she's here because of her honest desire to help Canada. Naturally, USAgent calls her a traitor as he arrives behind her. Staying true to form USAgent is in full jerk mode, much to the dismay of Iron Man. Talisman raises some concern about him leading the team, though it's temporary solution with Sasquatch currently missing.

A quick move to Toronto and the mysterious man with the sketch pad sits in the Royal Ontario Museum. The reference used for the exterior shot is a bit out of date as there's currently a giant crystal monstrosity sticking out of it, but that's a minor complaint. The unnamed man continues sketching, putting the final touches on a crowbar, completely in the dark as to his role in the situation. Unbeknownst to him another unseen force is at work, pulling Wrecker and the rest of the Wrecking Crew towards the ROM. Thunderball raises Sasquatch's beaten body to taunt the growing crowd into submission, but it doesn't quite work on a local police officer who pointlessly fires at them. The Wrecker grins as he decides to ask the cops for some directions.

Back at C.S.I.S. headquarters, Talisman is enraged at the last member of the team supplied by S.H.I.E.L.D., Michael Pointer. Already wearing the maple leaf outfit last seen on Guardian, it's certainly not an easy sight for Elizabeth. In response to her anger, Pointer declares that he is no murderer.

General Comments

The story continues to develop slowly, but in a way that is neither plodding nor rushed. Oeming's got a good pace, and it looks like Omega Flight's first real battle will be happening sooner then expected. It's an incomplete team with USAgent leading, but I suppose it's better then two more issues of build up. Still, it would have been nice to have a Canadian leading a Canadian Team. Kolins continues to deliver some great pencils, and Talisman's visions seem to give him a lot of room to create some interesting visuals. It was nice seeing his rendition of Toronto going beyond the usual shot of the CN Tower as well. It's probably the most accurate look I've ever seen in a mainstream comic. And as usual, Reber's colours are the cherry on top to a very nice looking book. There are still some minor problems such as the Wrecking Crew's new home looking like it's nowhere near Toronto and USAgent showing up is almost always a strike against a book. Once again though, the complaints are small and the overall book is quite enjoyable. However, there's still some room for it to get even better.

Overall Rating

It's about as good as the last issue, though I'm tempted to hand out an extra half web for the inclusion of my home town. Since this is already a book about super heroes in Canada, I should probably try and avoid playing favourites.


* Also known as a beanie, but since they're in Canada, it's a toque.

 Title: Omega Flight
 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Jose Gonzalez (E-Mail)