OHMU: Ultimate Spider-Man & Fantastic Four (2005)


Marvel continue to expand the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe collection, this volume focuses on the ultimate versions Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.

Story Details

OHMU: Ultimate Spider-Man & Fantastic Four has the info on:

Liz Allen, Black Cat, Carnage, Curt Conners, Daredevil, Jeanne De Wolfe, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Strange, Electro, Elektra, Enforcers, Fantastic Four, Geldolf - YAY! Gladiator, Green Goblin, Justin Hammer, Kong Harlan, Hawk-Owl, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, J. Jonah Jameson, Kingpin, Kraven, Man-Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Arthur Molevic, Nihil, Harry Osborn, Ben Parker, May Parker, Punisher, Rhino, Joe Robertson, General Ross, Sandman, Shang-Chi, Shocker, Spider-man, Captain Stacy, Gwen Stacy, Thing, Flash Thompson, Ben Urich, Victor Van Damme, Venom, Mary Jane Watson, Woody.

Let me start by saying we all know the ultimate books are easy to access, for new readers they are the best way to get to know Marvel and its characters. This book guides you through the previous adventures of the ultimate versions of Spidey and the FF. Although the ultimate Spider-man game's story, (which is in continuity) isn't mentioned.

General Comments

As the ultimate universe is only 5 years old, and most story arcs are 6 issues long, (technically that's 10 story arcs in Spider-man - the longest running ultimate book) the profiles are detailed, and there's not much missing.

Again the physical quality of the book materials is top notch, which adds to the consistency of these handbooks.

Overall Rating

As this is not an update, but the first of the ultimate handbooks, I give this book a higher rating than an update would have. As there isn't as much info as the Teams book, but this disserves a solid 3.5 webs.

Plus the Mark Bagley cover rocks!