OHMU: Teams (2005)


As an expansion to the OHMU books Marvel have added a Teams book for 2005.

Story Details

OHMU Teams 2005 includes:

All-Winners Squad, Alpha Flight, Avengers, Big Hero 6, Brotherhood of Mutants, Champions of Los Angeles, Champions of Xandar, Defenders, Euroforce, Excalibur, Exiles, Fantastic Force, First Line, Force Works, Frightful Four, Heroes for Hire, Imperial Guard, Infinity Watch, Knights of Pendragon, Lethal Legion, Masters of Evil, Midnight Sons, Mys-Tech, New Mutants, New Warriors, Power Pack, Runaways, Serpent Society, Sinister Six, Thunderbolts, Winter Guard, X-Factor, X-Force, X-Men, X-Statix.

Again the teams are presented in alphabetical order like the rest of the handbooks. Again some of the choices are really obscure such as Mys-tech and Force Works, but the info on each team is first rate!

The team we care about as Spidey fans is the Avengers, (who have their own handbook) and the Sinister Six. Both teams are up to date, Avengers is up to issue 6 of New Avengers and the Six are up to MK Spider-Mans Sinister Twelve.

I'm guessing the New Fantastic Four will be covered in OHMU: FF 2005. I'm also guessing that SHIELD and AIM are organisations and not considered teams!

General Comments

This book contains alot of information. Some of it isn't relevant to the MU today, but from a Marvel fan like me it's nice to have a history of teams.

Again with the glossy cardstock cover this book is nice to touch, and feels like a solid addition to the handbooks.

Overall Rating

Ok anyone who tries to explain the last 10 years of X-Men stories deserves 3 webs, explaining everything in 40 years of teams needs a solid 4 webs. I was harder on Spider-Man 2005 as we had a Spidey 2004 book, and because we didnt get a teams 2004, (I think!) there was a alot more ground to cover.