New Warriors (Vol. 5) #7

 Posted: Sep 2014
 Staff: Michael Miller (E-Mail)


After Mount Wundagore appeared in the Hudson River last issue, the New Warriors were confronted by the Avengers. While Iron Man and Captain America initially attempted to disband the team, the former’s faith was restored when he witnessed the new team (and Thor) celebrating a victory over the demon Chthon. Despite Justice’s confidence, it is clear that the team has a large number of dark secrets. When Mark (Haechi) returns home to see his family for the first time in weeks, he finds them held captive by a group of new Inhumans, similar to Mark. The leader of the crew tells them to blow the place up.

Story Details

  New Warriors (Vol. 5) #7
Summary: Scarlet Spider Appears
Executive Producer: Alan Fine
Publisher: Dan Buckley
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Quesada
Editor In Chief: Axel Alonso
Senior Editor: Nick Lowe
Editor: Sana Amanat
Assistant Editor: Devin Lewis
Writer: Christopher Yost
Artist: Marcus To
Cover Art: Matthew Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa
Lettering: VC's Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Ruth Redmond

The issue opens with Mark describing the scene before him and the fear he feels. With a last second save, he absorbs the explosion, turning into his dragon form (the “Haechi”). Justice and Sun Girl (who accompanied Mark) attack the intruders. When Mark turns to his family, his grandmother calls him a monster. The leader of the bad guys takes this as an opportunity to tell Mark how the world is beginning to reject him and join his crew. Mark attempts to attack him, but he becomes intangible. Mark attempts again with the energy he stored up, and a mysterious fourth member of the evil crew (Night) teleports the bad guys, Mark, and Sun Girl away.

In Mount Wundagore, which has since been put in its rightful spot, Jake Waffles, Speedball, and Faira search for the High Evolutionary. They are not having any luck, but seem to have leads based on the technology he was using to scan for the Celestials. Speedball is more interested in trying to convince Faira that she is in fact Namorita, causing her to storm off. At this moment, 3 energy signatures show up on their radar, but a message from Justice prevents them from investigating further. We get a brief glimpse of the figures creating the energy signatures, who begin preparing for the return of their master.

In the “basement”, Hummingbird, Scarlet Spider, and Mr. Whiskers attempt to investigate the demon attack from last issue. Aracely has difficulty, but soon Mr. Whiskers begin to sense it and we get a glimpse of the figure from New Warriors (Vol 5) #5. Before we can get any more information though, the team is summoned to help with Sun Girl and Haechi.

Speaking of, we cut to Jakarta, where Mark is being held. Sun Girl starts to come to. She attempts to free Mark, but the “chains” that hold him, attack her. Another girl in the room (Night, I’ll assume) tells her she should have stayed out of the darkness, as the mysterious Lash, will not be pleased. At this time, more of the Inumans appear. The leader of the group from last issue (Hollow) explains the events of Inumanity, and the emergence of the increased number of Inhumans. Sun Girl has attacks Hollow and the rest of the crew decides to return the favor. She jumps into the attack, breaking Mark’s chains and allowing him to absorb the fire.

In Mount Wundagore, Scarlet Spider tells Aracely that they aren’t going to be staying long, while Jake and Speedball discuss the growing number of Inhumans on the planet. Justice arrives telling them they’re going to be ready to leave. Having recognized that Darkforce Energy was used earlier, Justice enlists former ally Silhouette to help them find Sun Girl and Haechi.

In Jakarta, Mark attacks Hollow, Fume, and…the guy who made the chains. Night begins to talk about a mysterious “he” who is coming and that the city of Orollan knows what Hollow has done. Mark, back in his human form, tries to get Sun Girl to leave. However, before he can escape, “he” arrives: Lash, the man that Hollow has been trying to bring Mark to see. As the issues draws to its conclusion, the rest of the New Warriors arrive, but are surrounded by, what I assume, are Hollow’s gang.

General Comments

So we’re starting to get back into the swing of things now and Yost is trying to provide a bit of story, motivation, and expanded plot for his new series. He’s shown that he likes his grand schemes and always tries to set up something early in the series in an attempt to keep readers coming back. However, I think this causes a lot of his stories to suffer, as he strings us along with more and more mysteries and only scraps of answers between.

I don’t think this issue was terrible, but I just don’t feel like it was particularly interesting enough either. It seems like the typical X-Men type story where a “new” mutant is unsure of his path and is convinced the world will shun him/her by the more experienced, but angry mutants, while the good guys talk about friendship and trust and so on. It’s not a bad story, it’s just sort of overused at this point, especially for Marvel.

Also, am I the only person troubled that Jake Waffles was drawn as an entirely different type of dog? Look at him! HE IS VERY CLEARLY A DIFFERENT DOG. When people discuss grievous errors in comics, this will undoubtedly be up there with “Clone Saga” and “One More Day”.

Overall Rating

Still nothing too special here. If you’ve been reading it’s worth it to continue the story so far, but if you’ve been on the fence this certainly isn’t the issue to convince you to try the series.

 Posted: Sep 2014
 Staff: Michael Miller (E-Mail)