New Exiles #9

 Title: New Exiles
 Posted: 2008


The Exiles come to a world under strict supervision by the Atlantean Empire, who has helped prevent war between all the surface Empires for generations. The French Empire has grown restless and instigated their own war with the British Empire to come out form under Atlantean control with their own army of super-powered individuals. While they invade Manhattan, Rogue and Mystiq had rescued the prince and brings them to upstate New York in order to recruit the aid of Emma Frost and her students, Force-X. In Japan, Psylocke finds herself sharing her body with the essence of this world's version, just murdered by the Slaymaster seeking to end her line for surviving his attacks. And if that wasn't enough, Cat is perplexed in the Crystal Palace by the sudden termination of universes.


SABRETOOTH (Victor Creed): Enchanced senses and healing.

MORPH (Kevin MacTaggert): Shape-shifting.

PSYLOCKE (Betsy Braddock): Telekinesis.

SAGE (Tessa): Super mental prowess.

ROGUE (Anna Raven): Flight, super physical abilities.

MYSTIQ (Raphael-Raven Darkholm): Shapeshifting.

GAMBIT (Remy): Invisible force-fields, underwater abilities.

CAT (Catherine Pryde): Phasing.

Story 'Soul Awakening'

  New Exiles #9
Summary: Peter Parker, Spider appears (alt. Spider-Man)

Dame Emma Frost introduces Rogue and Mystiq to her students in Force-X; Summer Scott aka Starbolt with optic blasts, John Grey aka Sunspot with telekinesis and telepathy, Peter Parker aka Spider with all the abilities of a spider, Roberta "Bobby" Drake aka Aurion with the power of ice, and Hank McCoy aka Puma with beast-like abilities and appearance. Unimpressed with them, Rogue is engaged by them in battle to show her what they can do. She takes them down just as Gambit arrives with that world's version of Storm arrive and break it up, coming to get help because of the war.

Meanwhile, the French begin to scour New York for the Queen, currently being protected by Morph and Sage. They take down a platoon and continue on their way, trying to figure out their next course of action. In Japan, Psylocke has agreed to be mentored by her slain counterpart's teacher, Ogun, in order to avenger her death. He teaches her once again how to fight and how to become better than Slaymaster; all the while losing herself more and more to the essence of her counterpart, Lady Mandarin, until she not only speaks Chinese, but takes up the name.

In the British Colonies, Force-X and their accompanying Exiles arrive just in time to learn the Queen has decided to surrender in order to save the lives of countless subjects. And, in the Crystal Palace, Sabretooth tries to give Cat some direction to help her find a way to stop the destruction of countless worlds before the Exiles even have a chance to save them.

General Comments

Ever since Claremont has come onto the book, the overall feel and tone that made it so popular for over 80-issues had disappeared. When it was re-launched as New Exiles, it was more of the same. This was the first arc in which things had picked up some and delivered an interesting story that felt a bit more like how it used to be. However, the tonal difference remains.

Overall Rating

3.5 Webs. An interesting story and a departure from the bland tales and mischaracterizations Claremont brought to the title.

 Title: New Exiles
 Posted: 2008