Mutant X Annual 2001

 Title: Mutant X Annual
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)


Mutant X is set in an alternate dimension where Havok was sent after being hit on the head. Spider-Man's name is Man-Spider in this series. He has six arms and he is a clone of the original. This is the Second to last issue in the series...

I think I'm gunna cry...

Before I go into detail about this issue I figure I better explain what has happened before this comic. If you already knew, skip down to the line.

Havok is the leader of the mutant team called "The Six", which consists of Bloodstorm, Gambit, The Brute, Jean Grey and Ice-Man (Yes, there is a dash you fanboy!) Captain America was just killed in a fight with Havok. Cap was revealed to not have beenn the original, but a mutant with great powers (which were never actually revealed) The great power released from the battle awoke the Beyonder.

The Beyonder, being the jerk he is decided to come back and become ominpotent. To do this he "needs" Havok for a reason that is not revealed until the next issue. (The reason he actually came back was to bring the series to a conclusion because the normal continuity should probably get Havok back and kill off the rest of the screwy universe.) As if this wasn't enough, Dracula is stalking the Six in their home castle! Wow! And you thought your life sucked! Onto the Review!

Story 'The Key'

It starts off with the Beyonder feeding off of Cap's last thoughts and memories. The Beyonder then decides it is time to kick humanity's butt because he lost in the Secret Wars (It turns out he was banished to the center of the world after losing the second Secret War). The X-Men are on their trip back to earth and Magneto realizes the Beyonder is back. (Dant DANT DAAHHH!)

The Beyonder decided the planet is of no use to if it is in an "ecological upheaval" so he stops all the bad weather and the people think that he is their savior. The scene changes to Havok being bit by Dracula and then he blacks out. Dracula realized the beyonder is there and freaks out. The scene again changes to the Beyonder with people worshiping him.

Father Blake (presumibly Donald Blake [who is not Thor]) says: "Blasphemy! You condem yourselves... false god... Satan!" The crowd gets pissed off and Man-Spider swings down and saves him from a riot. The Beyonder notes that the first of many super heros arrived (Thank you Captain Obvious!)

Daredevil throws his "stick" at the Beyonder and the Beyonder [I'll just refer to him as "B" from now on because it takes up too much space to say "The Beyonder".] blows it off and DD introduces... The Lethal Legion! (Basically a bunch of freaks like Devil Dinosaur, Slapstick, Gargoyle, Fing Fang Foom, Moonwolf by Knight [I just made that up, but it sounds good], Brother Voodoo and some good lookin' ladie.

They fight for about a minute and B figures it is a waste of time and blows them away. But Man-Spider escapes because of him Man-Spider-Sense. That is all of him we see this ish.

Back at the castle The Six is freaking out about Havok getting bit so they search for Dracula. Dracula talks to himself about the power Havok has. Back to B. B gets pissed and we see him search through all of the minds of people on the world (with a shot of Aunt May in there) Then B gets super-duper mad and kills a bunch of innocents (when I say a bunch I mean... all of NYC). Back to Havok. Havok appears to be in bad condition with his team-mates watching over him.

The X-men arrive at the castle (Mystique has a Spidey mask on). Scotty, Havok's son gets sad and runs over to his dad. Dr. Strange appears and says B needs a beatin'. Scene back to B. B is attacked by a whole slew of heros (Probably upwards of 5000). B kills them all with a whim (The next issue reveals that Man-Spider was in this battle and died). Back to Havok, his son is telling him to wake up. The Six and X-Men go to look for Dracula. Jean, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Mystique, Brute and Quicksilver get bitten. Gambit leaves the place (what a sissy...)

Elektra kills herself by holding a grenade by Dracula. B is killing more heros. Dracs is unharmed. Just before Dracula gets to Bloodstorm and Scotty, Havok awakes and blasts Dracula. Havok says it's over, Dracs says: "No... ...It is simply the beginning." B kills more people. The next issue shows Man-Spider's broken body, I don't find that worthy of a review.

General Comments

Death! That is my summarization.

Overall Rating

Wow! Violence! Blood! Explosions! It's got everything I like! The art is better than normal. The only beef I have with this issue is excessive death. Yes, excessive. I love my action flicks, but enough is enough. There were countless characters introduced and less than ten of them were in more than one picture. All but like, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 new characters died. I am genuinely surprised that this is indeed code approved!

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 Title: Mutant X Annual
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)