Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #16

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


Last issue, Ultimate Spider-Man met Ultimate Shang-Chi. And it was quite embarrassing for Spider-Man. In the final issue of this series, will Spidey regain his dignity?

Story Details

  Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #16
Summary: Spider-Man & Shang-Chi (Final Issue)
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Rick Mays
Inker: Jason Martin

The story continues with the Chinese fairy tale. The prince had walked away from home and kept on walking. The spider asked, do you hate your father so much? The prince did not answer.

A girl, named Lieko, is standing with her back against a wall. She's talking to some guys, about a certain fish market employee. This guy beat the living snot out of these guys. She tells them, the guy is called Shang-Chi and his father wants him back. They are the perfect men to do the job. But they have to attack in numbers, or they'll fail. Then we see the group, over 40 people are in it.

Cut to Mary Jane and Peter Parker lying on a bed. Talking about what happened earlier. Peter thinks it was quite embarrassing and he needs fighting lessons. MJ wonders why he just doesn't ask this fish market employee.

Shang-Chi has finished working. His boss gives him some money and asks him to leave for it's not safe any more. He overheard some men and Fu Manchu knows where he is. Then we see Shang-Chi, all packed but surrounded by the group from before. A fight follows. Not one word is spoken, only the breaking of bones and the hitting of fists against flesh can be heard. Shang-Chi is hit by a knife.

Then a certain Webhead enters the fight, making silly jokes. The fight continues and Spider-Man helps Shang-Chi to defeat the group. He then takes the wounded Chang-Chi to a nearby rooftop. After explaining why he was in the neighborhood, he asks Shang-Chi to teach him some moves. Shang-Chi shows him one, which is again very embarrassing for Spider-Man and then he leaves.

The story ends with the final lines from the fairy tale. The spider says, I want to learn your ways of honor. But the prince answers, no, you may think you do, but you do not. And with that the prince walked away and the spider never saw him again.

General Comments

Again, the art is crisp and uses a lot of different angles. It's great fun to watch the fight sequence, kinda like watching a Jackie Chan movie. We learn the father of Shang-Chi is called Fu Manchu, but that's it. Readers of the regular Marvel Universe know what that means. But here, in this new timeline, it's nothing more than a name. This could have been fleshed out more.

Overall Rating

A nice second part to the previous issue. With a cool fighting sequence. Too bad that's all it is. True, Mary Jane and Peter talk a little, but there should have been more. In my opionion it would have been better to end this Ultimate Marvel Team-Up series with a double-sized issue 15. Now we got 2 issues telling what's usually told in just 1. Hence I'm deducting points. I'd like to say better luck next time, but this is the final issue of the series, so I won't.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)