Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


Last issue ended with a nice cliffhanger, the Punisher holding a gun at Daredevil, ready to kill him.....

Story Details

  Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8
Summary: Spider-Man & Punisher & Daredevil

Things are not looking good for Daredevil since the Punisher is holding a gun at him. But looks can be conceiving, DD can easily beat the snot out of Frank. He tries to talk to him, knowing he won't pull the trigger. But then Frank does shoot and DD flips backwards and jumps of the roof, realising he just let the Punisher escape. Since there are too many people on the street, he can't risk a pursuit for it would mean a shoot out, innocents might get harmed.

Switch [back] to the office of Matt Murdock. In this office is police detective Bruce Greenwood who got killed last issue. The police find a scared Matt Murdock hiding under his desk. A little while later, Jillette charges in. He was in the area and heard the call. Although Matt is blind [and secretly Daredevil] he knows what's going on, everybody knows what 's going on. Jillette is filthy rotten.

Back in his appartment, Jillette puts his two little children in front of the windows. That way the Punisher can not risk a shot at him like he did with Bruce. He yells at the little ones and curses his wife for leaving him. The a voice from behind says "Let's go, Jillette.". Frank has entered the room. He takes Jillette to the roof. Jillette falls on his knees, begging for his life. The Punisher wants to kill him for killing his wife and kids [as detailed in the previous issues].

Just as Frank wants to pull the trigger, a billy club knocks the gun out of his hand. Daredevil has entered the scene. Off course Frank has more guns and he pulls them. DD senses something from above. Spider-Man swings into action and knocks Frank out. In the confusion, Jillette escapes. DD who caught a bullet in the process, tells Spidey that because of him a murder is escaping. He orders Spidey to take the Punisher to the police station two blocks away as he goes after Jillette.

Back in custody, Frank is told by his lawyer that because of him the "Frank Castle Bill" is up on the hill, it's some kind of vigilante bill. And because of one lawyer who hammered about civil rights, Frank does not have to go into solitary for ever. Back into general population he goes. The cell he's put into already has an occupant, Jillette. One of the guards says to Frank, "You have friends, Frank... Once blue always blue". The final picture shows Frank with a faint smile.

General Comments

Just like the first two installments of this story, what's new here? Again, that's very hard to say. This could have easily been a regular Marvel story and not one from the ultimate timeline. The one thing that makes this an ultimate story is the final page where Frank is put into the same cell as Jillette. Now that was the highlight of the story. Too bad I had to wait for that until the last page.

On the cover is says Spider-Man, The Punisher and Daredevil. Well, they might as well have left Spider-Man out. He's only in a few pages and does not really add anything to the story. Yeah, I know, without Spider-Man on the cover, this book wouldn't sell as well, but this is a cheap shot.

Speaking about the cover. Just like with issue 6, the shown scene is not in the book. The image suggests a fight between the Punisher and Spider-Man. In fact, all Spidey does is knock Frank out, with just one kick. Misleading in my book.

Overall Rating

Again, like the previous issue, this one is a let down as well. But I will give it 0.5 webs more than I did last time, just because of the final page. Please, mister Bendis, if you're reading this, put more twists and turns into this title, it is an ultimate title you know. And if not, please, mister Quesada, remove the banner ultimate from this title.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)