Marvel Team-Up #56

 Title: Marvel Team-Up
 Lookback: Totalistic Team-Ups
 Posted: 2008


This issue features Spider-Man, Daredevil, Electro, and Blizzard in a superhero/supervillain team-up story.

Spider-Man you're probably familiar with.

While a teenager, Daredevil saved a blind man from being accidentally run down by a truck carrying radioactive waste. The waste blinded him but greatly enhanced his remaining senses. These enhanced senses form a personal sonar to guide him both in and out of costume.

Electro gained the ability to store and manipulate electricity when he was hit by a bolt of lightning while on a high tension pole to save a co-worker (he had to be bribed to do so).

Blizzard is disgraced scientist Gregor Shapanka. He was caught stealing Tony Stark's top secret designs by Iron Man. He used his cryogenic knowledge to create his cold-themed alter ego.

Story 'Double Danger at the Daily Bugle!'

  Marvel Team-Up #56
Summary: Spider-Man & Daredevil (vs. Blizzard & Electro)
Editor: Archie Goodwin
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Pencils: Sal Buscema
Inker: David Hunt
Cover Art: John Romita, Jr.

As Daredevil swings past a Daily Bugle delivery truck, his enhanced senses pick up a drastic temperature change. The villain known as Blizzard has encased said truck, the driver, and most of the newspaper bundles in solid ice. He announces that the Daily Bugle will not be delivered tonight and that their plan is intact.

Daredevil sneaks in behind drop kicks him, asking him question about his mysterious plan and partner. Blizzard retaliates and catches Daredevil off-balance in an ice slide, directing him toward a frozen fire hydrant. Daredevil collides with the hydrant, causing it to shatter and drenching Daredevil. This gives Blizzard a chance to escape. Daredevil finds one of the unfrozen papers and reads the front page headline with his fingers and discovers Blizzard's plan. After he calls the police to thaw out the driver, he heads to the Daily Bugle.

Across town, Peter Parker makes an appearance at the Bugle. His rent is due and he needs the money that Jonah owes him for his Spider-Man photos. The final straw was broken when Gloria Grant called him and told to not come in today. When he arrives, he quickly realizes why he was told to stay away. The Bugle and its entire staff are being watched by a small group of armed henchmen.

After a minor scuffle with the goons guarding the door to Joe Robertson's office, Peter cautiously makes his way to Jonah's office where he learns that Electro and Blizzard are trying to extort money from both the Daily Bugle and one of its rivals, the Daily Globe.

Electro reminds Jameson that they discovered his hidden message in the morning edition of the Bugle, prompting Blizzard to stop all deliveries. Blizzard explains that he owes Electro for inadvertently breaking him out of jail. During Electro's jailbreak, the electricity he unleashed fused Shapanka to the cold-generation circuitry in the costume he was secretly working on. Once outside they decided to combine forces.

At this point, Daredevil crashes through the window and attacks Blizzard, Electro, and the additional muscle in the room. Once the goons begin flying out Jonah's office, Peter changes to Spider-Man to help his friend take down the criminal duo.

Electro and Blizzard try to get outside the building but instead find themselves in the basement press room. They turn and fight the approaching heroes, but are unable to defeat them. Spider-Man uses Electro's power against his partner, causing the cryogenic circuitry to run wild, encasing Blizzard in ice. Spidey and DD then knock Electro out.

General Comments

Why would Blizzard team up with Electro after essentially trapping him in his own costume? That sounds like motivation for villain revenge rather than collaboration. And to go one step further, how could Blizzard have been in full costume while in jail? Wouldn't somebody have noticed this?

As for the rest, it was a standard plot with typical over-the-top dialog. Jonah is running true to one dimensional form and Bushkin was just thrown in there to bicker with Jonah for comedy relief. However there wasn't much relief to be found as the jokes fall flat.

Overall Rating

1/2 web. The idea was acceptable, but it failed to generate much interest. I get the impression that this was done with serious time constraints in place.


Gregor Shapanka his debut in Tales Of Suspense #45 as "Jack Frost" where he was quickly defeated by Iron Man. He returned in Iron Man (Vol. 1) #86-7 as Blizzard and was defeated a bit less quickly.

 Title: Marvel Team-Up
 Lookback: Totalistic Team-Ups
 Posted: 2008