1993 Second Quarter Report

 Posted: 2006


This is another quqrterly report. As with other Quarterly Reports it is a cardbord stock, four-page sumary of Marvel's business dealings for the first half of the year.

Story 'Marvel Sets New Records!'

This reports features The X-Men.

General Comments

There is a single image of Spider-Man in this report.

Overall Rating

As it really isn't a comic, nor does it feature Spidey (or many Spidey images) it really does not rate very high in this series.


Only shareholders were entitled to receive quarterly reports so it is a fair bet that most of them got tossed. However, anyone (shareholder or not) could request an annual report, so it is possible that there are more of them available. However, it is not known how many quarterly reports were published.

 Posted: 2006