1992 Third Quarter Report

 Posted: 2005


From a collector's standpoint, one of the most interesting aspects of the Marvel Comic's Board of Directors taking the comicbook company public in 1991 was that when the company began issuing quarterly and annual reports, those reports (unlike similar reports of other publicly-traded companies) were issued in the form of comicbooks. These comicbooks/reports have since become collectible items on their own.

A year has passed since Spidey first appeared in Marvel's Quarterly reports, now he's back and this time he's with Stan. This is a six-page, glossy fold- out report produced as a faux-comic -staring Spider-Man and Stan Lee - spouting facts and figures about the company.

Story Details

Spider-Man Meets Stan on the roof of a building and the two of them start talking about Marvel projects and prophets. These include Marvel having purchased Fleer; the huge print runs of the first issues of X-Men and X-Force, Sports cards revenues, and other business decisions.

General Comments

Spidey appears on the cover of the report with numerous smaller images of him throughout the years. In addition to Spider-Man in his red and blue tights, there is an image of him in his black tights, as well as an image of Spider- Man 2099. Plus, watching Stan interact with his most famous creation talking about how successful the company they both help found, is, well simply Amazing.

Overall Rating

Once more, it is the coolness factor of this Quarterly Report, plus the appearance of numerous images of Spidey throughout out the years on the cover, that gives this comic a high rating.


Only shareholders were entitled to receive quarterly reports so it is a fair bet that most of them got tossed. However, anyone (shareholder or not) could request an annual report, so it is possible that there are more of them available.

 Posted: 2005