Hulk/Iron Man (Promo)

 Posted: 2008


As both Iron Man and the Hulk are appearing in Big Blockbuster films this year, Marvel is rolling out the media machine to welcome them both. This sampler (given away at the NY Comic Con 2008 and in comic shops that same week) promos many of the Iron Man and Hulk comicbook projects this year.

Story Details

  Hulk/Iron Man (Promo)
Summary: Free Promo, Spider-Man appears (Original Hulk prose story, otherwise mostly reprints)
Reprints: Marvel Adventures Avengers #4
Reprints: Marvel Adventures Iron Man #3
Reprints: Marvel Adventures Hulk #1
Reprints: Franklin Richards: March Madness

The front of the book features several pages dedicated to the various Iron Man projects while the back of the book spotlights Hulk projects?

General Comments

From the looks of it all there are several high-profile projects for both of these heroes on the horizon.

Overall Rating

I'm really not big on promo books, but since Marvel has chose to give this one away both at the recent NY Comic Con, and in shops, it is kind of a cool book.


For us here at SpiderFan, the part that is interesting is yet a new Marvel Adventure book. This one seems to feature new adventures of Iron Man, Hulk, and our guy Spider-Man. A giveaway of which is apparently being previewed this year for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 3.

 Posted: 2008