Florida Marlins: Billy The Marlin, Spider-Man Appears

 Posted: 2006


The Florida Marlins is a Major League Baseball team and Billy the Marlin is their mascot.

Story 'Fields of Dooms!'

During the course of a game (that is being attended by Peter Parker, his wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker, and her Aunt, Anna Watson. Billy, the mascot, is being his frisky self, and squirting water on the umpire, and causing all sorts of mischief. While this is going on, a mysterious airship hovers over the field, and disgorges Latverian ruler, Dr. Doom and an army of Doombots.

Doom and his 'bots attempt to abduct Marlins all-star MVP Jeff Connie to star on Doom's own team, Billy obviously doesn't want this to happen and makes a move to stop Doom and his robot henchmen. Thankfully for Billy, Spider-Man appears, and begins to take down the 'bots. Only they have begun to hoist Jeff Connie into their airship.

Spidey manages to rescue Connie, but now must rescue Billy who is surrounded by killer 'bots. To his credit, Billy is hosing the 'bots and Doom himself down with his squirt gun, which is more than just a bit irritating to the Monarch. Spidey swings to his side and clocks Doom, webbing him up and sending him on his way so that the game can resume.

General Comments

OK, this isn't high art. Oh heck, it isn't even medium art, and quit frankly doesn't even get up to low art, but I have to tell you that it is some serious fun. The beauty of these sponsored comics is the fact that they are usually produced with the same kind of love and affection as the early days of Marvel, and that sort of fun simply shows through. I mean, seriously, the Marlins Mascot going up against Dr. Doom, who is kidnapping a ball player so that he can start his own baseball team? What could be more fun that that?

Overall Rating

As I said this stuff is fun. Which is why it gets a rating like this, (I gave it a 3); however it was, however a touch too silly, so it loses half a star.


This comic was given away at a Marlins baseball game so it is quite rare. I've known about it for years, but was only able to acquire it recently over eBay.

 Posted: 2006