Doritos: Wolverine "Son Of Canada"

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)

Story 'Son of Canada'

Well, If you really want to read this confusing mess of a story, check out the doc Comic. Otherwise, here is a (very) brief summary. Spider-Man and Hulk are somehow transported to Canada and they fight some guy who works for Blastaar to save Captain America, Silver Surfer, Thing and Thor. Spider-Man uses very confusing language to describe the situation. In the end, Spider-Man, Wolvie, Hulk and the other heroes battle Blastaar's minions around Canada before taking on Blastaar himself. This fight lasts less than one page. But hey, it was only 14 pages long.

General Comments

  • How anyone could trap Silver Surfer like they did.
  • Why Spider-Man was sent to Canada
  • Why Blastaar was easier to defeat than his "goons"
  • How the heroes traveled the massive country of Canada that fast
  • Why there was an explosion when battling Blastaar
  • Anything that Spider-Man said
  • Why Ron Lim doesn't have a regular series to pencil

Overall Rating

Good: Ron Lim art, free, Ron Lim art, no ads, Ron Lim art.

Bad: cofusing, short, Howard Mackie.

Do the math, 5 good - 3 bad = 2 webs. Plus and extra .5 for Ron Lim's art!

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)