Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #2 (Story 2)

 Posted: Jul 2011
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


The backup story features the X-Men. Spider-Man doesn't appear.

Story 'Safe From Harm'

  Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #2 (Story 2)
Summary: X-Men & Sentinels
Publisher: Panini Magazines
Writer: James Peaty
Pencils: Neil Edwards
Inker: Ian Sharman

A lonely young mutant arrives in a field at night, supposedly to meet a mutant support group. But in reality, he has fallen into a trap, and has become a guinea pig to meet destruction at the hands of a prototype "Sentinel" mutant-hunting robot.

The X-Men arrive just in time to save the boy, who acquits himself well in the battle that follows. Rescued, they bestow the name "Beak" on the bird-faced mutant, and take him back to the Xavier Institute.

General Comments

This story doesn't try and achieve anything special, and by setting realistic sights it achieves its goal with little problem.

Overall Rating

A simple tale that achieves its goals. Three webs.

 Posted: Jul 2011
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)