Ultimate Spider-Man: Sticker Book Treasury (Phidal)

 Posted: Mar 2019
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Canadian Phidal Publishing, Inc. only has a few Marvel credits to their name, but they've produced some good stuff. This one also looks and feels solid from the outside.

But let's open the covers and check out the interior, just to be sure.

Story Details

This large treasury format is a popular size for Phidal, at 9.5" x 12.2". The official page count is 96pp, but it actually contains well over 100 pages once you've included the glossy fold-out posters and 12 sticker-sheets (plus the one holographic sparkly sticker sheet).

The stickers are plentiful, and are bright, sharp, and are attractive. The non-sticker pages are places for you to place stickers. Some are general background scenes where you can make your own story, while others are pages that encourage you to place specific stickers to "complete" the content.

The book is technically split up into 6 sub-books, "Fierce Foes", "Spider-Sense", "Busy City", "Web-Head", "In Action", and "Go Spidey!" There's not a huge logical separation between the sections. They're not really "stories" per se, more simple thematic areas. Each "book" has a double-page sticker insert.

General Comments

The quality of this book is staggeringly high throughout. The pages are glossy and thick, the front and back covers have a transparent holographic overlay. The colours are rich and varied, with some pages that bleed right to the edge.

The stickers are generously interspersed, and have huge variety. The overall impact is a luxury product.

Overall Rating

This is a top-notch book. The reason it feels heavy is because it's chock-full of top-quality materials.

I'm not even going to bother checking the price tag to see if it was value-for-money, it gets five webs from me no questions asked.

 Posted: Mar 2019
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)