Marvel Super Heroes: Grab and Go Coloring & Stickers (SandyLion)

 Posted: Jul 2015
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This little "Grab and Go" coloring/activity book has a cardboard cover which extends up above the book itself to form a couple of nifty little handles. It's made by "SandyLion", who aren't regular Marvel publishers.

Story Details

The cover including the carry handle is 9" x 11". But inside the actual pages themselves are 8.5" x 9".

The pages are most peculiar in their layout in that the drawing pages are on the back of the sticker sheets. I've never seen that before, the back of sticker sheets are nearly always blank. But here we have six pages of stickers, and on the back of each sticker page is a drawing page.

Then there are four other glossy coloured scenes for sticker play. Sixteen pages total.

General Comments

The drawing pages are a bit boring, all feature characters in stock poses, layered on top of each other with little thought for composition or setting. The stickers are nice though, a great variety of classic Marvel heroes (with a couple of villains thrown in for good measure).

The scenes for sticker placement are glossy and bold, although at 9" x 9" I can't help but feel that they're just a teensy bit cramped.

Overall Rating

In fact, the whole book is cramped. That carry handle may be a gimmick, but it certainly hasn't done the inner material any favours at all.

I have another complaint too. Pretty much every page has creases in it, like as if the rollers slipped while the printer was feeding. Maybe that's just on my copy, but it doesn't send a good message about the manufacturing quality.

Overall, this product feels small, stingy, and sub-par. Two Webs.


I did see one product review on Amazon which suggests that the stickers are very difficult to remove from this book. I didn't have that problem with my copy, I picked a sticker at random and easily persuaded it to lift of the page. I guess it's all a matter of technique.

 Posted: Jul 2015
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)