Spider-Man Invisible Ink with Stickers Book 1 (Lee)

 Posted: Jun 2010
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This pair of "Invisible Ink Picture Book with Stickers" books from "Lee Publishing" in 2008 follows from the two similar books - Spider-Man Magic Pen Painting Book 1 (Lee) and Spider-Man Magic Pen Painting Book 2 (Lee) - published in 2007.

The formula is very similar, 5.5" x 8" top-stapled. Cardboard cover, 48 pages, though half of them are blank since the "painting" pages only use one side of the paper.

There are Invisible Ink books "1" and "2" available. The content is different, but only superficially. The art quality is the same, the technology is the same, and they both deserve the same rating. This review covers them both.

Story Details

There's fresh art for these books, but clearly by the same artist as before. All the classic Spidey villains appear, along with Black Cat. Art is slightly Manga-esque, but not so much as too be objectionable to the average reader.

The major addition to this pair of activity books over their preceding fellows is the addition of two pages of stickers stapled into the centerfold. Each is rectangular, about double the size of a postage stamp, and is ready to be attached to one very specific place in the book. The trick is, until you use the magic pen to reveal the hidden color image, you won't know which spot. Sneaky, eh?

General Comments

Just like before, but with stickers.

Overall Rating

I gave three webs last time. I reckon stickers have to be worth at least an extra half a web. That makes 3.5 webs according to my calculations.

 Posted: Jun 2010
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)