Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #39 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2008


Horary for the continued presence of the Mini Marvels! Here we are, once again treated to a one-pager of the classic gag strips.

Story 'Mini Marvel'

Mirroring what is currently going on in the regular Marvel Universe The Skrulls are interested in invading Earth. In this episode we witness a quartet of Skrulls in a spaceship orbiting Earth who are really bored with their sentry duty 'til they are informed that they have been given permission to invade Earth

General Comments

This is really very funny stuff a fine comedic break in what can only wind up being another badly-handled and quickly discarded retcon.

Overall Rating

You simply can't go wrong with Mini Marvels, they are fun, lighthearted, and enjoyable.


If you enjoy the strips, then you should check out Chris in his long-form storytelling, plus you can always stop Chris' website at and check out the cool stuff that he has there.

 Posted: 2008