Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #36 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2008


The silly, goofy Mini Marvel stories cartoons of Chris Giarrusso have been appearing at the back of Marvel comics for years. These shorts tend to be one-page adventures of the Marvel superheroes done up as if they were little superhero kids in costume. They are, as a rule, always falling-down funny this one is no exception.

Story 'Mini Marvels'

  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #36 (Story 2)
Summary: Mini Marvel Spider-Man appears
Editor: Nathan Crosby
Writer: Chris Garrusso
Artist: Chris Garrusso

Iron Man has been on a kick to provide all of the Mini-Marvel heroes with "Iron Man"-style suits of armor. In this installment Ultron is attacking all of the Avengers, and essentially wiping the room with them all, as he has over-ridden the controls to each of the suits. Just as he is triumphing his victory, he gets slugged by Elephant Steve, the one Avenger who chose early on to not take Tony up on his offer for a suit of Iron.

Steve's hefty right cross kayos Ultron and saves the day. Iron Man thanks Steve who reveals that he just remembered that the last time they fought Ultron, just before he escaped he revealed that he would return to defeat the Avengers on Feb 13 at 2:30 p.m. Whereupon Iron Man states that "I guess elephants never forget. To which Elephant Steve reveals that's not entirely true, otherwise he would have mentioned it the previous day.

General Comments

This is but a single page of a longer story that has been running in numerous Marvel titles for the past month or so. Needless to say, it is still pretty funny.

Overall Rating

These vignettes are short, funny, and highly entertaining. They should totally appear more often. Since this is just a single page of a longer story which appeared in numerous other Marvel titles, the casual reader might be a touch confused by it.


If you loved this story you really should go to Chris' website at and check out the cool stuff that he has there. Unfortunately, it appears that Marvel management isn't as enamored of these Mini-Marvels as much as this reviewer, for the word from Giarrusso himself indicates that not only will this be the final Mini-Marvel story for some time, but the recent adventures will not be collected in a single volume as were previous adventures.

 Posted: 2008