Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #25

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Spending an entire week in his workshop, Reed Richards has created a "probability engine" from various pieces of alien technology. He really needs a shower and a nap now.

The engine is capable of determining the likely outcome of future events. Reed intends to use it to get advance warning of future threats. Johnny Storm decides to use it to help build his fantasy football team. But his untrained tinkering sends the machine out of whack, hurtling Johnny into a series of "What If?" potential alternate realities. Uatu the Watcher observes, but is sworn to never interfere.

Story 'What If?'

In the first alterniverse, Doctor Doom is Doc Iron and is the good guy who lives in the Baxter building. The Frightful Four, lead by Reed Richards, are deadly foes of humanity. Johnny is captured by Doc Iron, then the Frightful Four arrive and take over the building. The "evil" Johnny Storm releases the original "good" Johnny Storm, believing him to be a clone of himself. But the "good" Johnny Storm sides with Doc Iron and helps him defeat the Frightful Four.

...but Johnny is thrown into another alterniverse...

...home to the Femmetastic Four (Medusa, She-Hulk, Nova, and a female Ms. Fantastic who looks orange and rocky). In this world, all the men are dead due to a space virus. Johnny's in heaven, a world full of single babes! But Ms. Fantastic wants to use Johnny as a lab rat, so he flees...

...into another alterniverse...

...where Spider-Man is the hard-nosed boss of the Fantastic Four. Johnny leaps to the probability engine...

...into another alterniverse...

...which has a musical soundtrack, and all major events are sung like in a stage musical. Johnny leaps to the probability engine...

...into another alterniverse...

...which is his home universe.

Meanwhile, Uatu is on trial for interfering and returning Johnny to his home universe. His defense is that Johnny Storm's world-hopping was so distracting that several critical events went undetected. The Council of Watchers accepts this as a one-off excuse and forgives him this time.

General Comments

Well, I sure wouldn't want to see this kind of over-the-top madcap madness in every issue. But Marvel Adventures is supposed to be a "fun" comic, and this sure delivers on that front. Doctor Doom sings:

To you four whom I despise
Bow down right here and now
Or prepare for your fantastic demise!

And Sue rejoins...

Another half-baked scheme?
Well, what a surprise! a chorus line of Doombots sing the refrain. BOWDOWN! BOWDOWN!

Overall Rating

How can you not love this stuff? Four webs for the sheer fun of it all.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)