Last Planet Standing #4

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Jeff Caplan (E-Mail)


We left off last issue with Dominas the Waverider creating an enormous tidal wave over New York City, flooding the streets and endangering citizens. Our heroes are distracted from rescue efforts, however, as just after they witness the untimely arrival of Galactus to earth.

Story 'Last Planet Standing'

As Stinger, American Dream, J2, and Spider-Girl work hard to rescue civilians from the flood waters and stop looting, Galactus fiddles with his Elemental Converter in Central Park. From the neighboring rooftops Wolverine, the Vision and Mainframe watch Galactus work within his force-field. The Vision informs them that the Fantastic Five have been put in charge of the defense by the President, and that they are to remain on standby. None too happy with this line of politics, Wolverine leaps into action rather than waiting for orders.

Over at the Fantastic Five's temporary headquarters, they examine the Invisible Woman to find she's fine from the stress of holding back the tidal wave from last issue. Reed then briefly talks about the uselessness of firing nukes at Galactus to the President, then signals for "reinforcements." Meanwhile, Dominas flies to Galactus's ship, narrating his master's plan to combine living energy and energy from his omnipotent prisoners to birth a new universe.

Back on earth, our heroes throw everything they've got at Galactus's force field, but to no avail. Suddenly, the Red Queen and her Revengers attack! The heroes protest that the earth is in danger, but the Revengers just call them "easy pickin's!"

Then, Galactus turns on his machine. It causes an enormous earthquake as it burrows to the core of the planet, totaling most of Manhattan. Back at the Fantastic Five's makeshift headquarters, Reed realizes that Galactus wants to start another Big Bang. Near Central Park, Mainframe busts out of the rubble and springs into action, telling Vision that the President's orders to standby aren't gonna fly, and the Vision joins him. The heroes that were fighting the Revengers regroup and plan to battle Galactus. The Revengers realize what is at stake and hold off their attack to help fight Galactus.

Up in space, the "reinforcements" Reed had called attacks Dominas in space. Dominas turns around to come face to face with the Silver Surfer. They fight and taunt one another for two pages, then grapple each other in a battle of cosmic powers.

Back on earth, the Vision approaches Galactus's force field and phases through, which destroys his body, but also the field itself. Spider-Girl and her allies are stuck under a huge pile of debris that only J2 is holding up. She gives J2 a pep talk, and he successfully throws it off of them. Afterwards, Spider-Girl claims she has to go home to check on her family, but Stinger says they have to fight. May says that they aren't the heavy hitters and that they weren't invited to the "main event," and another pep talk is given by American Dream, which convinces May to go along. They plan to get inside his machine and shut it down, then off they go!

Back to Dominas and Silver Surfer's cosmic grapple, the Surfer easily overcomes Dominas and absorbs his cosmic power. He then starts off after his former master, Galactus, do defeat him.

General Comments

I'm really getting weary of the pep talks. It seems everybody's learning a lesson in this issue. The Vision learns that following orders isn't always the right thing to do. The Revengers learn the severity of the situation and offer to help (with that horribly corny line, "Hey's our world, too." Ugh). May encourages J2 to lift more weight than ever before. American Dream shows May that no matter how hopeless a situation is, they still have to try. Quite frankly, nothing happens this issue other than Galactus pushes a button and Silver Surfer defeats Dominas. The rest was just corny, just filler, and just useless.

Overall Rating

Half a web. I'm even getting sick of Olliffe's pencils. Mostly I'm getting sick of wasting my money.

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Jeff Caplan (E-Mail)