Infinity Abyss #4

 Title: Infinity Abyss
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)


In yet another tale of cosmic proportions, this one naturally involves Thanos, and many of the Infinity Watch characters. However, this time around, instead of an expected showing of Silver Surfer, Spider-Man plays a much bigger role in this particular series. In fact, when speaking in terms of a cosmic-type storyline, Spider-Man seems like the odd man out when compared to the likes of Thanos, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Moondragon, Adam Warlock, Gamora, and of course, Pip the Troll.

But do not fret, SpiderFans, we finally get an Infinity series that has plenty of Spider-Man to go around! The basic deal here is, once again, the entire Universe as we know it is under threat. A being known as Atlez, apparently has the task of anchoring all reality, and Atlez's time draws near. For it seems while this being may be the 'glue' by which the Universe is held together, it is not immortal, in fact, the job requires successors.

The goal is to find the successor and replace Atlez before the Universe falls into the Abyss... basically becoming nothing. While that alone seems like a dire predicament, there is more trouble to be had. You see, Thanos has several dopplegangers intent on making the oblivion happen, and are willing to do whatever it takes to see that it does. Seven heroes with the aid of the original Thanos attempt to stop them, and save the Universe.

Story 'Breakdown'

  Infinity Abyss #4
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Jim Starlin
Pencils: Jim Starlin
Inker: Al Milgrom
Articles: Doctor Strange

Armour is having no trouble taking Gamoras best shots, as she just manages to stay alive, while Adam and Pip converse with the merged Eternity and Infinity, most likely due to the fact that reality is slipping away. They are told and shown that Adam was granted a portal to escape time and space two years ago.

Spider-Man and Captain Marvel seek safety within the farmhouse with the resident family. They watch, stunned, as everything around them save the house disappear into nothingness. Gamora is still trying to stay one step ahead of Armour, and is doing a pretty good job of it, too.

Adam decides to venture into this portal once again, leaving Pip behind, as Spider-Man and Captain Marvel try to make sense of what has been going on. Captain Marvel believes they were spared due to one of the children there, Atleza.

Armour finally catches up to Gamora, and just when it seems like she is about to be fried on the spot, Thanos makes a very well-timed entrance. With one burst of furious power, Thanos kills Armour. The other dopplegangers sense Armours death, and with the loss of Moondragon they decide to look into matters personally. X heads for Earth, as Warrior and Mystic set off for Moondragon's last known whereabouts.

Spider-Man and Captain Marvel take a small breather, but it doesn't last long when X makes his entrance with more Nihilists in tow. Warrior and Mystic find both Moondragon and Doctor Strange out cold and decide to follow the trail Doctor Strange was orginally on. Thanos and Gamora are hot on the trail of Omega, where we learn he is a reincarnation capable of taking on Galactus himself!

Adam travels through the portal eventually lead him to Atlez. He is told that unless Atleza Langunn replaces him soon, all of reality will cease to be. It was this task Adam was supposed to have completed those two years ago, and failed.

General Comments

Cosmic stories are always mind-benders, and this one is no different. Perhaps because they are always set upon such a large scale, its not the city in danger or the world... its the whole flippin Universe! This one wasn't too hard to follow though, especially when you read all 6 issues at once.

I cant say I am real familiar with the cosmic characters, so for me they seem well portrayed in here, and nicely explain where they have been since no one else was writing a lot about them. The good news is, plenty of Spider-Man to see, and I like that, I never really cared for end-all-be-all stories that include nearly every character in Marvel's stable, and to accomplish that we get too much of half a dozen characters, and cameos of 100 others. Nice change of pace to see that this storyline kept a certain cast of players, and stayed that way, everyone having their own moments.

Entertaining for me, and I do suggest the average SpiderFan pick this up. It's not a Spider-Man story, but then he also doesn't just play a small role, hes part of the team here.

Overall Rating

Well-thought-out and well-executed Infinity story. Kudos to Jim Starlin for not only writing, but drawing all the nice pictures too. I give it 4 webs.

 Title: Infinity Abyss
 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Lord Byron (E-Mail)