Heroes Reborn: The Return #2

 Posted: Aug 2010


In the wake of the Onslaught crossover, the Avengers, Hulk, and Fantastic Four were seemingly destroyed saving the world. In actuality they were transported to an alternate dimension by Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue Richards. For the last year, they have lived a life similar to their previous one with minor alterations. The time has come to bring the heroes back to the Marvel 616 universe.

Ashema of the Celestials has arrived on Earth and explained to Franklin that her race is aware of the alternate world he created to save his parents and their friends. Impressed as they are, they have decreed that only one world may survive - and he must choose which one.

Story 'Second Coming'

Marvel 616-verse: Loki project his image into Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. He instructs Strange to free him and the others from their alternate world. Strange informs Loki that he knows their is another access point other than the energy emitted from the Hulk, but he can't find it. Loki recommends finding a nexus point before time runs out. Their conversation is brought to an abrupt halt when Ashema pulls him into another dimension to silence him. Dr. Strange realizes the clue Loki gave him and makes his way to Florida and the Nexus of Realities. Using his magic, he quickly locates the blue ball containing the lost heroes in the "Franklinverse".

Franklinverse: Franklin tries to explain to his confused parents that he has to decide which of two worlds will exist. Reed has no recollection of him, but Susan remembers him from their trip to the Negative Zone. As Franklin disappears, Susan makes Reed agree to find him and solve this mystery.

Ashema has retrieved Franklin and taken him to the jungle. Despite his insistence to the contrary, she claims he is capable of deciding which world will survive on his own. Franklin refuses to cooperate, which infuriates her. She informs him that if he doesn't decide, the Celestial will make the decision for him. Franklin becomes angry with Ashema and runs away.

Marvel 616-verse: The Hulk silently walks down Broadway. The energy radiating from him now causes power outages. He is causing no damage, but is confronted by Leonard Samson, Hercules, the Thunderbolts, and the U.S. military. Samson urges Hulk to come along with them as he should be contained. The Hulk - as one would imagine - just wants to be left alone.

Franklinverse: Thing and Invisible Woman discuss their visitor from last night. Reed enters the room and has two announcements: two fireballs are on a collision course for Earth and he's noticed a world-wide temperature increase by two-degrees. Fearing the worst he contacts Tony Stark.

Marvel 616-verse: Reports of the Hulk's appearance in Manhattan have brought Spider-Man out to confront him. He makes his way to Central Park and finds the Hulk fighting against the elements as well as the Thunderbolts. Dr. Strange returns to New York with the Franklinverse. Whatever his original plans were, they are abandoned when the sphere suddenly alters its course and makes its way to Central Park and finds the Hulk. The sphere warps reality and pulls the Hulk (and Spider-Man, who was standing too close) into itself. When they regain their bearings, they're in the Franklinverse standing face-to-face with the "new" Hulk.

General Comments

Kinda tough to work into the review, but for some reason, the FF are shown to have coffee mugs with Spider-Man's face on it. I'm not sure how or why this was added. The Heroes Reborn world does not have a Spider-Man and it's not like they could bring over any of their stuff when they "moved". Kinda odd.

Also, we still do not have an explanation for why Franklin must decide which world will die.

Overall Rating

3 webs. Still a decent story despite the missing justification for destroying a world. We have two more issues. Perhaps the answer lies ahead.


Originally the Fantastic Four went into the Negative Zone in Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #51. In this case, Susan is referring to Fantastic Four (Vol. 2) #7

 Posted: Aug 2010