Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #4

 Posted: Feb 2019
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


The Multiverse has been destroyed. All that remains is Battleworld, the fragmented domain of Victor Von Doom. One piece of Doom's global jigsaw puzzle is "Marville", home to the Little Marvels.

Inspired loosely by 2015's Secret Wars Battleworld and events of the 2012 Avengers vs X-Men Marvel "Event", this mini-series faces the Little Avengers against the Little X-Men in a shameless excuse for shenanigans and silly artwork.

Last issue: The (non-powered) TwinZ moved into Marville, and the X-Men and Avengers competed to have the new arrivals join their respective teams – because "twins are always cool". Then the Little Guardians of the (Little?) Galaxy flew into our story.

Story Details

  Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #4
Summary: Little Marvel Spider-Man & Spider-Gwen Cameos
Editor: Charles Beacham
Writer/Artist: Skottie Young
Cover Art: Skottie Young
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Little Avengers, Little X-Men and Little GotG argue three-ways over which side the twins will join. Then the Inhumans turn up and it becomes a four-way argument.

The Twins tell everybody that they're being childish. All sides agree, but then kick-off a massive fight that is shown in two double-page spreads. That's four pages of nothing but one giant fight scene.

So the twins decide to choose randomly, except... the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants turns up and persuades the twins to join their side.

General Comments

A four page fight-scene... just think how impressive that would be with a pair of gatefold pages!

And indeed, this final issue features a pair of gate-fold insert pages... for Marvel Advertisements!

Meanwhile, the four-page fight-scene is split over a page turn. Just think about that. The advertising gets priority over the actual story that we paid $3.99 for. That's like watching a pay-per-view boxing match and having it cut away to ads during the fight.

In total, counting the back cover, this issue contains 19 full pages of advertising for Marvel or third-party products, compared to 20 pages of actual story.

Overall Rating

I spent most of these four issues wondering what the story was about. At the end, I know the answer... it's not really about very much at all.

This was an 80 page joke with no punchline. And too many ad-breaks.

Two Webs. Very pretty and all, but...

 Posted: Feb 2019
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)