Daredevil (Vol.2) #8

 Lookback: Filling Gaps
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Stealth Jim (E-Mail)


The 8th and final part in Guardian Devil. What you need to know really is that Mysterio tried to mess up Daredevils life. He convinced him that a baby was the anit-christ and then captured the child. It was revealed he was sick and going to die. At the end of last issue, he shot himself in front of Daredevil. During the arc, Karen Page was killed by Bullseye and Foggy went to prison being falsely accused of murder. Black Widow also guest stared, helping Matt take care of the baby.

Story 'The Devil's Deliverance'

  Daredevil (Vol.2) #8
Summary: Wrap-Up Mysterio Story, Spider-Man Appears
Arc: Part 8 of 'Guardian Devil' (1-8)
Editor: Nanci Dakesian
Writer: Kevin Smith
Pencils: Joe Quesada
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti

The issue opens with Peter sitting in front of a TV, getting dressed. A news report on Mysterio's death is on. Peter tells Mary Jane he feels somehow responsible for Beck's suicide, MJ reassures him and we move on.

Its Karen Page's funeral. quite a few familiar faces turn up including Pete and the FF. Matt gets up to give his speech. He tells us he feels like a liar, acting blind as he gets up. All he manages to do is stutter with his words before giving up and walking out of the church.

At the burial, Peter approaches Matt, he asks to meet Matt at the usual place the following night. Matt spends a lonely night in after finding a letter Karen had writen to him a long time ago.

The next morning, Matt's outside Rikers Prison, collecting Foggy. On the car journey home, Foggy pours his heart out to Matt about seeing Liz Allen visit him in prison, upset that he was weak enough to be seduced by another woman.

Now we finally get to the Brooklyn Bridge, where DD sits waiting for Spider- man. He turns up and asks Matt to fill in the blanks about Mysterio before they can talk about anything else. Peter reflects on losing Gwen in the same spot they were in now, using it to relate to Matt. This leads to DD remembering Bullseye killing Elektra.

Matt then sets off on a long rant about putting up with the stuff he's gone through and why should he etc. He asks Pete after all of this, what had been achieved. Peter responds with "You saved that baby girls life Matt." This immeadiately sets Matt into shape as Pete swings off.

Later, Matt arrives home where Natasha is waiting to kick the hell out of him. He explains his unusual actions over the past few days. Natasha then gives him a little speech, they hug, all is well.

The next day, Foggy and Matt are around Matt's old home. Matt proposes they start there own buisness. Matt then visits a childs ward where the baby is. He names her Karen after some thought.

Next stop, a confessional. Matt's about to confess when he hears trouble down the block. He takes off and we see a spectacular double page spread of The Man Without Fear leaping off of a building, the exact same panel from issue 1, but Matt's smiling.

General Comments

Brilliant end to a brilliant arc. Things are wraped up ever so nicely here. The relationship between Matt and Pete is clearly a strong one. Showing them relate over things like past deaths was an excellent idea. Emotional issue with some brilliant art. Perfect.

Overall Rating

5 Webs... not a single thing wrong with it.

 Lookback: Filling Gaps
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Stealth Jim (E-Mail)