Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7

 Posted: May 2015
 Staff: Marc Fox (E-Mail)


A “debased” Quickfire has converted Gideon Mace (well his heart), White Tiger, Power Man, Kaluu and She-Hulk into debased monsters, leaving Captain America alone to battle them.

The Blue Marvel has reunited with his son Max. The two had fallen out over the loss of Max's brother in the Neutral Zone and both have independently tried to rescue him.

The Beyond Corporation have literally taken over Cortex and subsequently attacked Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. On their rescue, Jess reveals to Monica Rambeau who was responsible. The Beyond Corporation have previously, and significantly, messed Monica's life up and she wants revenge...

Story 'Kick 'Splode'

  Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Arc: Part 3 of 'Threat from Beyond' (1-2-3)
Editor In Chief: Axel Alonso
Editor: Tom Brevoort, Wil Moss
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Iban Coello
Cover Art: Leinil Francis Yu, Matt Milla
Lettering: Travis Lanham
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg

Spectrum is heading to Cortex HQ at the speed of light. Spidey is concerned at how Monica is acting. Blue Marvel explains (and I don't normally do many quotes from issues but this one is great) “The Beyond Corporation did quite a number on her back in the day. But if there's anyone more qualified to take down a reality-warping omni-being from outside reality I'd be interested to meet them.” Monica heads to the Penthouse, after checking the building is clear of civilians, to meet up with “Jason Quantrell”.

Meanwhile, Captain America is up against six monsters, four of whom are his colleagues (Captain America vs. the Monster Avengers as the caption amusingly puts it). Fortunately, he is an experienced Avenger and so is capable of holding his own even without a comm-link to HQ. He uses “Quickfire's” power against her and makes sure “She-Hulk” can't debase him by putting his shield in between him and her claws! He then takes out “Kaluu” allowing back up to arrive in the form of the recovered Luke Cage and Jessica Jones who promptly thump “White Tiger” and “Power Man”.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man, Blue Marvel and Doc Positron infiltrate Cortex HQ whilst Spectrum deals with “Jason”. “Jason” tries the mock reality trick the Beyond Corporation used on Monica last time but fails. “Jason” brags that his powers are beyond limits but Monica stretches her own powers becoming the size of a skyscraper. “Jason” realises that Monica is just keeping him busy and finds the other three in his basement. Spidey tries to occupy “Jason” whilst the Brashear boys reprogramme W.E.S.P.E.'s Skorpion Gate. “Jason” deals with Peter by sending him to a mock reality where he is U.S. President and still Otto Octavius. Oh and he is holding a press conference with no pants on! This minor distraction was all it took for the Skorpion Gate to be reprogrammed though; the Dr Brashears combined their research and have set up a stable portal to the Neutral Zone and rescued Kevin Brashear. However, Kevin's time in the Zone has changed him so he can't stay long; just long enough to remove the Beyond Corporation. And just like that, everything is back to normal!

Epilogue time and we see the Monster Avengers are themselves, alongside Gideon Mace's extracted heart! Max Brashear is disappointed that he only got ten seconds with his brother but Adam is more positive as now they know it's possible to reach Kevin. Blue Marvel is more concerned about Monica, leading Spidey to ask if they are an item much to Max's embarrassment! Monica assures him she is fine, having exorcised her demons.

Finally, the Mighty Avengers' HQ is getting a phonecall for help. The usual lines of communication are down so Steve Rogers has called the helpline and apparently needs all the help he can get...

General Comments

Great conclusion to this storyline.

Captain America showed (as I sort of predicted last time) that he was capable of acting independently and then leading the team when his back up arrived. Whilst there was a fuss made when Sam Wilson received the shield, I don't think it would have been as bad if Steve Rogers wasn't around and constantly on the comm link to him to advise. I understand writers want Steve Rogers in Captain America comics but in my opinion his presence just portrays Sam as weak, or unable to hold the shield by himself. With other replacements Steve Rogers was “dead” so this wasn't an issue and less fuss was made. Though I appreciate that the fuss that was made wasn't just because of replacing one character with another (and was frankly shocking really in this day and age).

I liked the way the Beyond Corporation was removed. Whilst it had elements of a one-page resolution and then everything being back to normal (which I can't stand) this time it wasn't like that. The Brashears have been trying to retrieve Kevin from the Neutral Zone (beyond the 616 reality) for ages. That thread was well in place. Monica's powers have been getting stronger for a few issues now. That thread was in place. The Neutral Zone was so powerful even Blue Marvel couldn't handle it for long, suggesting those that could would have to be even more powerful. That thread was well in place. The Beyond Corporation's presence was responsible for the corruption of other characters so it stood to reason that the removal of the former would fix the latter. That thread was in place. Whilst "all it took" was the appearance of Kevin Brashear to solve everything, it was not in the same way as say Captain Universe showing up out of nowhere and the clicking of fingers to do it. The was a resolution well crafted from the start.

I also liked the hint of romance between Blue Marvel and Spectrum, something I hadn't picked up on (if it plays out) and very nicely done. (It would also explain how Monica knew how to reproduce a naked Adam in Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5!). Adam Brashear is very protective so it may just be that as opposed to another coupling but who knows. Time may time. That would be three couples on the Mighty Avengers team and leaves She-Hulk with the option of Kaluu or Spidey were the trend to continue!

Not sure how I feel about a cosmic level Monica, it would detract a little from the “street level” ethos of the Mighty Avengers, which I liked and set it apart from the other Avenger comics. That said the comic may only have two issues left as the latest (and yet another) Marvel event features the end of the universe so it may not matter for long.

Overall Rating

Next few issues appear to be tie ins before the comic ends. If true, this was a nice finale to a well written and set up arc.

 Posted: May 2015
 Staff: Marc Fox (E-Mail)