Klutz: Draw The Marvel Comics Super-Heroes

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


When it comes to art, are you a talentless no-hoper? Then you're just like me... and what you need is a "Klutz" book. The guys at Klutz make practical books for people who really need help. No matter how ham-fisted you are, this particular "Klutz" book reckons it can teach you to draw comic characters just like the pros do... or at least similar to how the pros do.

Heh, they haven't reckoned with my overwhelming inability to hold a pencil!

Story Details

  Klutz: Draw The Marvel Comics Super-Heroes
Summary: How to Draw Book, Including Pencils & Pens (Spider-Man Appears)
Publisher: Klutz
Illustrator: John Romita, Sr., Richard Becker
Developer: Richard Becker

Spiral-bound, 7" x 8.5" full-color with pages made of light card rather than paper, this books comes complete with an attached zip-lock pencil case holding a pencil and four felt pens. All you need is a pencil-sharpener!

The book starts with the basics, getting you to trace the outline of pre-drawn art, then it gets you drawing stick figures, adding pipes, shading, muscles, etc, etc. The pace is nice and slow, the writing and explanations are perfectly clear, and the examples are thorough and helpful. To make life simple, when they want you to do tracing, they bind a sheet of tracing paper right into the book... so there's no excuse for not drawing RIGHT NOW!

The whole tone of the book is incredibly encouraging, and I can say from personal experience that the techniques really do work! This book transformed me from a guy who thought he would never be able to draw, into a guy who realises that he doesn't practice enough to draw well. But the key thing is that it broke down the mental barrier in my head and persuaded me that anybody with eyes in their head and fingers on their first could learn to push a pencil and make super-heroes appear on the page.

General Comments

This is a brilliant book. If you think you can't draw, buy this book and persuade yourself otherwise. Far and away the best "learn to draw comic characters" book I've ever seen. A good handy size, solidly constructed, helpful and encouraging.

Overall Rating

Top notch. Five webs.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)