1985 #6

 Title: 1985
 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Frank Man (E-Mail)


Every kid who has ever read a comic has fantasized about what would happen if the heroes in the funny books could exist in real life. In this book we meet Toby and we see what happens when super villains roam free in a city with no superheroes.

Toby manages to escape death on numerous occasions and finds the doorway to the Marvel Universe. While Jerry and Julie try to figure out Galactus' weakness...

Story 'Nuff Said!'

Jerry and Julie watch helplessly as Galactus builds his elemental converter, a device used in his planet devouring process. They then watch even more helplessly as they are surrounded by Marvel villains such as Mole Man and the Lizard. Just as Jerry gets grabbed by one of Doc Ock's tentacles, Captain America intervenes in a timely fashion. Toby is seen in front of a large group of heroes and orders out the "Avengers assemble!" command. Cap doesn't seem offended by the young man stepping on his lines.

As the heroes and villains fight, Toby and his mom reunite. Jerry tells them that it's time to "finish this."

Twenty years earlier at the Wyncham house, Clyde's mom is blaming Jerry for the hypnotized people (and Clyde's dead father) being on their front lawn. When Clyde admits that he has an uncontrollable power to summon people, his mom hits him over the head with a candlestick holder.

Julie notices that all the heroes are just focusing on Galactus but that he has some kind of force field up. Meanwhile, Jerry attempt to reason with Clyde Wyncham. He wants Clyde to send back all the villains before the world is destroyed. When Red Skull shoots Jerry Clyde declares, "Enough!" He stands up and commands everybody to go home. And they do. Even Galactus.

Toby is grown up and writing about the events and the events that followed. Captain America agreed to take Clyde Wyncham back to the Marvel U since they're better equipped to deal with mutants. Toby ended up moving to England with his step-father and mom. Jerry's dad ends up in the Marvel U and scores a date with Jane Foster.

General Comments

So now I understand that the art is only crappy in the marvel U scenes. There is only one marvel u scene in this book and its not bad. The art here is really good. Tommy Edwards brings it back.

This book by itself was pretty good. It retained the much of what made the first two books in the series good. It had that same fun feel. I kind of like it when Toby yells, "Avengers assemble" and then apologizes to Captain America. My only complaint was with Clyde Wyncham commanding everyone to go home. It seeming really forced but it could also just be Marvel poking fun at the Scarlet Witch's "No more Mutants" declaration.

As far as the series goes, maybe I took it all way to seriously. The end although not addressing my complaints with the realism of the series, still left me fulfilled. Hopefully Jerry scores with nurse Foster.

Overall Rating

I give it four webs. The book just had a good feeling to it.

Of course as a series, I would definitely rate is much lower...

 Title: 1985
 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Frank Man (E-Mail)