1985 #2

 Title: 1985
 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Frank Man (E-Mail)


Every kid who has ever read a comic has fantasized about what would happen if the heroes in the funny books could exist in real life. In this book we meet Toby and we see what happens when super villains roam free in a city with no superheroes.

Toby is convinced that he is seeing super villains in his town. He suspicions are validated when he investigates the Wyncham house and finds the Mole man talking to Dr. Doom. Upon running away, he comes face to face with the Hulk...

Story 'Clyde Wyncham'

  1985 #2
Summary: Spider-Man reference
Editor: John Barber
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards

After reassuring Toby that his ID has been suppressed, the Hulk engages in battle with the Juggernaut. Toby, while being entranced by the battle, uses its distraction to make his escape.

We see Jerry in a nursing home speaking with Clyde Wyncham who is apparently an invalid and unable to speak. Jerry, who was childhood friends with Clyde, wanted to inform him that he told the man at the Wyncham house to sell Clyde's old comic books. He figured that Clyde wouldn't mind and would want them to go to a good home as Jerry does.

Toby meets up with and tells Jerry about the Hulk. Toby does his best to convince his dad about what he saw. He even goes so far as to take Jerry to the battle site. Jerry seems to believe his son but warns him ominously, "People don't want to hear it, kid...believe me."

The guys at the comic store seem to assume that the Vulture is just a cos-player.

Over dinner Julie and Hart let Toby know that Hart is flying to England to talk about a potential job. Toby runs to his room and muses to himself. One of the things that his mom fears the most is that Toby will end up like his father obviously smart but with no formal skills. Toby hints at his dad eventually showing people what he's "truly capable of."

Meanwhile Stiltman walks around. Sandman and Electro invade the house of a nurse who works at Clyde Wyncham's nursing home. Sandman kills the nurse and Electro kills her boyfriend.

General Comments

Almost everything that made the first book awesome is present here. The art is spot on, the story is still good as is the pacing.

I do have a problem with the Vulture. He appeared in the first book, flew around and perched somewhere for a picture op. The guys at the comic store not to mention everyone else assume that he is a loony in a vulture suit. Really? A guy who FLIES around is just some cos-player? Okay. By now there should be people wondering how he flew around.

I hope that we're getting to the part where the marvel U/real life crossover starts to go downhill. This is the part where real life people don't act in real life ways when confronted with super powers. I think Millar can still make amends if the story continues to be good. This Vulture thing is not THAT big a deal.

Overall Rating

Wish we had cos-players like that in real life. 4.5

 Title: 1985
 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Frank Man (E-Mail)