Spider-Man: Freddie McCoy

 Title: Prestige Records
 Lookback: Sound of the Times
 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This was a music album released in 1966 by Prestige Records. It claimed to be the start of a series of Marvel Music albums, though I haven't seen any others actually produced.

Unlike nearly all the other albums in our Audio section, this record is purely instrumental, and the tie-in to Spider-Man consists of the image on the cover, and the title of one song: "Spider-Man".

Story Details

The music is jazz, lead by McCoy's vibes playing, supported by piano, bass and drums.

There's a mix of tempo, but it's all good tight stuff. I occasionally put it on when I'm just wanting some background music, but it rewards a proper listening too.

McCoy is talented, there's no denying it. Of course, there's something about vibes that can make you think of seedy 60's lounge bars, but you can suppress that with a little effort.

Tracks are:

  1. Hav` mercy
  2. Yesterdays
  3. The Girl from Ipanema
  4. Spiderman
  5. That`s all
  6. Speak out,Deagan!

The "Spider Man" track is a hot-paced Samba number, and there's a couple of chords that seem vaguely reminiscent of the 60's TV theme. But maybe I'm just imagining that.

General Comments

It's 60's vibes jazz music, very well done. As a 1966 release, this is a very early Spider-Man collectible, and the price will reflect that if you want to own it on vinyl. Even the CD is very expensive, being a Japanese import.

Overall Rating

I'll give it three and a half webs for the music, plus an extra half web for being the first Spider-Man music record that I know of. Four webs total.

 Title: Prestige Records
 Lookback: Sound of the Times
 Posted: 2007
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)