Your Comics in the Cloud? They Floated Away...

Courtesy of UK IT site "The Register", here's a fascinating article about a recent breakdown of "cloud comics" supplier Comixology (who provide the technology used by Marvel, DC and other companies to publish their electronic comics).

Basically, Marvel gave out a "read all our first issue comics books online for free" which was eagerly accepted by so many subscribers that the underlying technology was overloaded and crashed.

When that happened, nobody could read their comics... because the comics that the subscribers "own" are actually all stored in the cloud, and not on their computer/tablet/phone.

Here's the full story: Comixology cloud fails to Make Mine Marvel.

I guess there's a generation of young consumers who are comfortable with this, but old fogies like myself get really nervous about the idea that one day a computer will crash, or a company will go out of business, and suddenly all my comics are gone as if they never existed.

So for now, you'll have to excuse me for being painfully old-fashioned. But I'm going to stick with paper, at least for as long as that remains an option!