Superior Spider-Man - For the Benefit of Marvel

So, Superior Spider-Man has hit issue six. This new Spider-Man has starred/guest-starred in about eighteen issues altogether now. do I feel about this bold new Spider-Man status quo? Well, it is a bit complicated...

I knew this would happen after I read the cliff-hanger in ASM 698. I read that many people didn't think that Marvel would be that gutsy to actually do what they did. Those people were just kidding themselves. How could Peter Parker call himself "Superior" if he did remain Spider-Man? That's a name Otto Octavius would give himself. Plus, there was sufficient evidence that Marvel has been planning it. (See my last rave We Caused the Superior Spider-Man.)

I am one of those guys who accidentally saw the spoilers while surfing online for new spider-news. Honestly, I wasn't surprised. It was a tremendously gutsy move by Marvel. And we all know how much they love gutsy moves. After actually reading ASM 700 for myself, I knew exactly where this was going. This controversial move by Marvel is benefitting not only Spider-Man, but the whole company.

Of course, most of us know about Marvel NOW! by now. (Ha. I love wordplay.) It's pretty much Marvel's move against DC's New 52. Marvel knew that everybody would be furious about it and that they would be getting a lot of flak. "How can we divert everybody's attention so less people are angry at us?" someone important in Marvel asked at one of their illustrious retreats. Well, killing somebody off wouldn't have much effect because they always do that. But..killing someone off AND replacing them off with someone fans despise could be quite distracting.

So, they did it. And Marvel NOW! is peanuts compared to what is happening in Spider-Man. Everybody has something completely different to complain about on the ING message boards.

Of course, Marvel also knows that we, as fans, just love controversial events. Most of us won't admit it, but we do. We all love complaining about all things involving comics. When we complain about something, others think, "I want to check that out for myself and see just how bad it really is." How else did Superior Spider-man become so successful sales-wise? All of the controversy sold it.

Lastly, Marvel has set up THOUSANDS of new stories with the new status quo. Marvel has already shown us a few series that have been set up with the Superior Spider-Man. Of course, Alpha: Big Time has been released, but Marvel recently announced three new series, Superior Carnage, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, and The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Do I think that they will have incredibly great sales? No, I have no idea how these books will sell. But they have been set up by the new Spidey.

In conclusion, I feel like this whole thing is profitable for Marvel. They ALWAYS win. No matter what. They don't care how furious we fans get. I am taking up the job to identify and expose all of what we see as flaws but are major money makers for them. Thus begins my new segment in the Raves section, "For the Benefit of Marvel."