The Ultimate Origin Reprint - An Update

Last week I came across a website where they discussed the Ultimate Spider-Man series. One of the blurbs was that issue 1 of that series was the most reprinted Spider-Man story ever. Well, I guess they didn't see my article in last month's PPP. Today, the original Spider-man origin (from Amazing Fantasy #15) is still the most reprinted Spider-man story.

Since last month, I've found out about a few more versions. Amazing Fantasy #15 got reprinted two more times. The first one being in Amazing Spider-Man #275 and the second as part of the Toy Biz Spider-Man Classics II series. I also learned that Ultimate Spider-Man #1 will get a free version on May 4th, 2002 Free Comic Book Day.

With these additions, it comes to 22 versions for the original against 19 for the ultimate version. I doubt that'll be all (please, let me know if there's more). It's most likely that the ultimate version will get a few more giveaway variants within the next few months. After all, the Spider-Man movie is just around the corner and more freebies would mean more attention to both the movie and the comic series.

I just hope they start reprinting the story in full, because reprinting only part of the story shouldn't count in full. Adjusting the count to full reprints, it's 22 against only 11. Perhaps the blurb for the ultimate origin should have been be the fastest reprinted Spider-Man story.