We're Not Worthy! ('Nuff Said)

'Nuff Said Month. A month of comics without dialog. How did some of our favourite writers handle it? TomDeFalco on Spidergirl? Well, he struggled through a rather turgid story, which quite conveniently happened to be the death of Crazy Eight. It was a good story... but you couldn't help but get the feeling that all the characters had been told do what they normally do, but just keep their mouths closed.

Paul Jenkins was a bit more pro-active. He had Spidey fighting a bunch of mimes turned bad. A hilarious idea, which was delightfully executed. You feel that Paul really rose to the occasion, and joined in with the spirit of the thing.

And Bendis? I get Daredevil, and after reading most of #28, I thought... "what a shame Bendis hasn't joined 'Nuff Said month with Daredevil". Then I stopped, and flicked back through the pages... and guess what? He has! But Bendis is such a masterful story-teller, and Maleev's art is so richly satisfying, that you hardly noticed that there's no words spoken! We're not worthy!

Speaking of Bendis, what's up with him and JMS? In the (hilarious) Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9 (Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four), Bendis lampoons anything that gets within lampooning reach. At one stage, Joe Q is ringing around every famous movie/TV writer he can get a hold of, trying to find somebody to write a Marvel comic... Tarantino, Spike Lee, Lucas... none of them are interested. He has twenty names on his "A list", but JMS isn't among them. Presumably, JoeQ was pretty desperate, and JMS was far down the B list!

Pretty cutting stuff. Then again, Bendis takes a couple of digs at himself too... so presumably it's all tongue-in-cheek... isn't it? Anybody out there who can fill me in on current Marvel politics, feel free to drop us a line. We'll keep your identity hidden if you prefer!

Oh, and if somebody can also tell me who the guy is talking to Elektra in the Marvel offices towards the end of UMTU #9 - I'd be much obliged!